AMMO Gelee Pro Wheel & Metal Coat

Purpose built Wheel & Metal Protective Coating

  • Strong heat resistant protection (5x more solids)
  • Simple wipe-on formula
  • Makes cleaning your wheels easier
  • Excellent for any metal trim (cars & boats)
  • Great on exhaust tips

Gelee Pro Wheel & Metal Coat is designed for wheels (painted and non-painted), calipers, exhaust tips, and metal trim on cars and boats. A high temperature resistant, wipe-on formula designed to make cleaning much easier. 1 to 2 years of protection. This is a much stronger product with 5x the solids than in Reflex Pro (for paint) making it for metals and wheels. Please wear all recommended protective gear.

1. Wear latex gloves, eye protection, mask, and work in a well-ventilated area
2. Prior to first coat application, wash and clean wheels with PLUM and clay if needed.
3. Use isopropyl alcohol mixed 50-50 with water or an automotive graede wax and silicone remover to decontaminate surface.
4. Prime microfiber applicator and apply to 1 wheel or caliper at a time.
5. Allow 1-2 minutes dwell time until cured (wait for rainbow to appear)
6. Lightly remove excess with a microfiber towel.
NOTE: Best if applied on cool surfaces, out of direct wind, and no water/rain for 6 hours after application

Q: How long does Gelee Pro take to cure?

A: 30 secs to 2 minutes. For the inside of the wheel barrel, if applied smooth, can be left on the wheel and not removed for a thicker layer. If you see streaks during application, they will be there when it cures, so apply it smoothly if you choose to use this advanced technique.

Q: Is Gelee Pro safe on all types of wheels including matte finishes?

A: Yes, assuming the finish of the wheel has been painted professionally by a manufacturer.

Q: Can Gelee Pro be used on paint?

A: It is not designed for paint usage because it contains 5X the amount of "solids" compared to Reflex Pro. This product is stronger, yet less flexible which may cause paint application to crack during paint flex.

Q: How do I prep wheels/metal trim for Gelee Pro application?

A: A standard wheel and tire wash is ideal. Plum, Brute, wheel-woolies, wash mit, wheel brush etc... Make sure the wheel is clean and extremely dry. Use compressed air, master-blaster or go for a quick drive around the block. If you remove the wheel from the car, clay maybe helpful on the backside of the rim.

Q: Can I still use applicator pads/towels after applying Gelee Pro?

A: Applicators No. Microfiber towels...Yes, if wash within the first hour or so after application. You can throw them in a sink with water if you cannot get to a washing machine quickly.

Q: How should I maintain my wheels after coating with Gelee Pro?

A: After cleaning with the Wheel Regimen Kit, use AMMO Reflex Pro Top Coat to maintain the coating finish on the wheels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Nicholas Espeland
Gelee Pro

I put Gelee Pro on my calipers and wheels. The difference was significant and instant. Insane depth added to my matte gray wheels. Calipers almost glow red now.

Cliff Cayer
Fantastic - Nearly Look New

My wheels take a beating at the track, with high levels of brake dust, caked on rubber and more. I decided that I'd try AMMO Glee Pro Wheel in hopes it would make clean up quicker. Nothing sticks to the wheels now. No rubber, no brake dust... quick hit with AMMO Brute Wheel cleaner and a normal scrub, wheels are clean again. I actually can't believe it. However, the best part is how well it holds up over time. Several track days in, the wheels and calipers still look amazing. Fantastic product, results and I will continue to do this process at a minimum at the start of each track season.

Gellee pro wheel/metal

Great product. I have black rims and I have never had them pop the way they do after applying this product. Easy application. 4 months post-application and still looks great. Brake dust slides right off. Strongly recommend this!