AMMO Reflex Foundation Coat

Water Sheeting Paint Coating


  • A unique coating comprised of skin care & natural conditioning ingredients
  • Leaves your paint shining, silky smooth, and “glowing”
  • SHEETS WATER does not bead water! · Contains UV inhibitors (protects from the sun)
  • User friendly & environmentally safe! 

AMMO Reflex Sheet Coat is in! Reflex is made from skincare emollients and natural conditioning ingredients which provide shine, lubricity, and a soft silky feel (once cured) on the surface without any oily residue. This new formula also contains UV Inhibitors, is environmentally safe, and SHEETS water. Check out the HOW TO video above.

1. Paint must be clean and dry.
2. Prime microfiber applicator pad with 4-5 drops.
3. Apply in overlapping straight line motions.
4. Allow 1-2 minutes to cure on each panel until almost clear
5. Remove excess with microfiber towel
6. Repeat until entire painted surface is completed
7. After 30 minutes, apply another layer for insane paint reflection.x
NOTES: Reapply every 4-6 months. Can be used on wheels

Q:Is Reflex Sheet Coat a ceramic coating?

A: No. This protection product is extremely unique in that it is made from skin care emolients and ingredients found in "natural" products. This product sheets water vs. Reflex Pro that beads water. Totally different chemistry.

Q: How do I maintain Reflex Sheet Coat?

A: Wash with Foam and dry with Hydrate. If you choose to apply AMMO Creme or SKIN over Foundation Coat, you will change the water sheeting characteristics to water beading.

Q: How long does Reflex Sheet Coat need to cure?

A: 30sec to 2min depending on temperature and humidity.

Q: Can I use other detailing products after applying Reflex Sheet Coat?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Reflex Sheet Coat safe for matte paint or vinyl wraps?

A: Yes.

Q: How long will Reflex Sheet Coat last?

A: 6 months if cared for and maintained properly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kevin Robertson
Reflex = Bounce!

Please anyone reading this go put all the coatings you have in the bin. Reflex is the coating or foundation as i still like to call it, this gives you want your heart desires….. pure reflection or what i call “Bouncing” the light the clarity is insane! Trust me even here in Montrose Scotland with the weather changing every hour my Range Rover & Volvo S60 still look amazing in all weathers.

Nearly all my co-workers ask why do all your cars look like glass….. my response is dont ask me ask Larry he gave me/us this epic product.

Dont wait go order 1 Bottle i have 3 its that good!


Garrick Dee Tan
Unlike Any Wax or Sealant I've Tested

When I started detailing cars, coatings weren't invented. It was waxes or sealants, so this product is completely foreign to me. What convinced me to purchase this and many other AMMO products was Larry's helpfulness in his videos, not hard selling his products. The first time was a pain to buff, but it was a mistake on my end as I used brand new AMMO MF towels I haven't washed, so it was sticky. But when I tried it a second time, it was easy, removing excess product was easy. The shine and depth are amazing and the best part is I could use it on rubber trim and emblem which was otherwise not possible with a sealant or wax.

Jeremy Smith
Great Product

I’ve been using this product for about a year now with great results. It’s super easy to use and provides great shine and protection.