AMMO Syphon Coffee+Juice Cleaner

Multi-purpose Interior Stain Cleaner


  • Low pH tannin stain remover
  • Removes coffee, tea, wine, & fruit juice 
  • Contains grease removing agents to lift oils 
  • Effective spot remover for rust & blood 
  • Can be used in shampoo or extractor machine

  • Syphon is extremely focused on 1 thing, tannin stains. Tannin itself is a natural vegetable dye found in bark and plants such as grape skin. In other words, Syphon is designed to remove coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, fruit juices, and some washable inks.

    These are all in the tannin family of stains. In some cases, if you use a “traditional soap” to clean these types of issues, you’ll end up setting it in permanently. So stop and recognize what the stain is first, then choose your weapon.

    This is a low pH spot remover that also contains grease removing agents that lift most oily soils. (If incredibly oily, then use Titan 12 Degreaser). Spray on the stain or spill, allow to penetrate for 1 minute, then blot dry. If the stain needs more work, then agitate before blotting.

    Q: What interior surfaces can Syphon be used on?

    A: Leather and fabrics.

    Q: Will Syphon work on older dry stains?

    A: It depends on the type of stain and how long it has been present. In most cases, (tannin stains) will be removed.

    Q: Does Syphon clean staining from sunblock or lotion?

    A: No, this is the wrong cleaner for sunblock. Sunblock requires a degreaser for removal.

    Q: How long should Syphon sit before scrubbing?

    A: 2-3 seconds on leathers, and 20-30 seconds on fabrics.

    Q: Should I perform a test spot with Syphon?

    A: Yes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    rob b
    Great product

    Both this and the pet cleaning solution helped me get spots out of carpet that no APC could.

    Christopher Galluzzo
    When Your Average Cleaner Doesn’t Cut It

    Although not used in my or customer’s cars, yet, this worked great on a few carpet stains inside the house, including a blood stain from a present my cat left me. Worth every penny!

    Works great

    Works great as I have come to expect from Ammo.