Custom Painted AMMO + Rupes Polisher Kit

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Whats Included:

  • Factory Direct Custom Hand Painted Rupes Bigfoot 21
  • Custom AMMO Branded Polisher Kit Bag
  • Custom Hand Painted Insulated Tumbler Cup
  • D-A Coarse Polishing Compound
  • D-A Fine Polishing Compound
  • UNO Protect One Step Polish and Sealant  
  • D-A Wool COARSE Pad
  • D-A Wool MEDIUM Pad
  • D-A COARSE Foam Pad
  • D-A FINE Foam Pad
  • D-A ULTRA FINE Foam Pad
  • Signed and numbered registration pack and card

After nearly 2 years of working with Rupes Italy, and Rupes USA, I am super proud to announce the official LIMITED EDITION AMMO NYC + RUPES Polisher kit. These are super limited to 100 kits, and after that, never again. 

Each kit comes with a custom hand painted white AMMO NYC tumbler cup as well as pads and polishes from Rupes all packed into a custom bag. 

One lucky person will receive a special black painted cup, which also includes a day at the AMMO NYC studio with Me and detailing Godfather Jason Rose for one-on-one training and detailing of a special car. I am even throwing in a $250 AMMO Gift Card.

Check out the video to see how these custom polishers were painted and assembled before I signed each one at the factory. 

****International Shipping is not an option on these due to increasing costs and continued shipping challenges to so many countries caused by Covid lockdowns and import taxes / fees. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Michael Cox

    This kit is amazing, everything it comes with is high quality, holding it in my hands makes me feel very happy I decided to make the purchase. Larry you have changed the whole trajectory of my detailing career so owning this polisher is a privilege.

    Lisa McGath
    Happy Birthday Hubby

    My custom Ammo & Rupes polisher kit arrived yesterday. My husband and I enjoyed looking through all the goodies that came in the impressive kit bag. Every item is top quality, I expected nice but this is above and beyond excellent. My husband liked the kit so much, I ordered one for him to take care of his vintage 29 Chevy. Happy Birthday to a very special man. Thank you and congratulations Larry, your success is well deserved.

    Justin Sherwood

    Very happy for you Larry. My kit arrives tomorrow! Would be great if I got the invitation to come hang with ya.