AMMO Reboot Enamel Coat

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray

  • Sprayable ceramic topper
  • Boosts the life of your existing protection by 2-3 months
  • Great water beading characteristics
  • 4-5 mists are all you need on a clean car (little goes a long way)
  • Smells great
  • For paint with or without coating

Reboot is the brainchild of Reflex Pro. It’s a derivative of PRO’s ceramic protection, but in sprayable form. It really should be called Reflex Pro Topper (which I might change soon to avoid any further confusion). It extends the current level of protection whether it be Reflex Pro, Skin, or no protection at all (which obviously is not suggested). Think of it like a shot of B12 or a super charger for your paint’s protection…adding 2 to 3 months of longevity to whatever you are using as defense.

The difference between Reboot and Spit is simple. Spit is a spray wax designed to remove light dirt, dust, or “stuff” on your paint when you are out on the road or not enough to start a full wash process. In other words, it’s a lubricant that leaves behind shiny paint after picking up the junk. Reboot is different. It’s pure protection. Best if applied on clean (ish) paint as the final quick step if you are not applying more SKIN or re-upping your Reflex Pro. If you have lots of dust use Spit. After you wash your paint and don’t have the time to reapply sealants or waxes…then quickly spray and wipe a thin layer of Reflex Pro topper to “re—boot” your protection. FYI it’s “not cheap” because it’s a full bottle of redesigned ceramic that is now a spray and wipe formula that lasts (meaning your supply) much longer than say soaps or Hydrate because it’s a final wipe. 4 or 5 mists on a clean car and you good to go. 

1. Make sure paint is clean and dry.
2. Shake bottle
3. Spray directly onto paint
4. Spread evenly and buff dry
5. Allow 5-10 minutes to cure before adding additional layers of Reboot or Spit as your top layer of UV protection.

Q: Is Reboot a ceramic coating spray?

A: Yes. It is a derivative of AMMO Reflex Pro Enamel Coat.

Q: Should Reboot be applied wet or dry?

A: Dry.

Q: Can I use Reboot without a coating on my car?

A: Absolutely. This will add a thin layer of protection. Having Reflex Pro as the base layer, then using Reboot as maintainence is ideal.

Q: How often should I use Reboot to maintain a coating?

A: Every wash or every other wash. I prefer to use it quickly after each wash as my final final coat. It take less than 4 minutes to apply and gentle wipe in.

Q: Will Reboot restore my old ceramic coating?

A: It will help extend the life of the current or sure, but no it will not "restore" the old coating. You would need to reapply a coating to restore an old coating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Jim Benedict
Love this product!!!

I used this product for the first time after waxing my Mercedes and applying this as a topcoat. I will continue to use this product, as it “seals” the paint to protect it and my 11 year old paint is now smooth as glass. Love it! 👏👏🔥🔥

Chris Belcher
If you love your vehicle, buy Reboot!

I can honestly say, Reboot is one of the best products for your vehicle's paint. It's easy to apply, has a great shine, and does not streak. A must have to include in your AMMO arsenal.

Good Stuff

This product should be promoted more. Call it whatever. Applies and finishes with little to no effort. It's like the modern traction control in super cars. Makes me look way more talented than I am.