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AMMO Hydrate Pro Paint Moisturizer

AMMO Hydrate Pro Paint Moisturizer

Ceramic Drying Aid

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Coating infused drying lubricant

Hydrate Pro Paint Moisturizer is a pro-level paint moisturizer that contains Reflex Pro and is so thick and lubricating that it won't go through a spray trigger. Use AMMO Hydrate Pro after you've washed a coated or uncoated car to lubricate the paint during the drying process to avoid scratches. AMMO Hydrate Pro leaves behind a thin layer of Reflex Pro coating for maximum protection.

  • Thick ceramic infused lubricant for drying paint, glass, trim
  • Minimizes risk of scratching and swirls when drying
  • Leaves behind a layer of Reflex Pro Protection
  • Reduces water spotting
  • Can be used wet or dry for touchups
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How do I use AMMO Hydrate Pro Paint Moisturizer

1. Use on wet or dry paint, after a Foam wash or Frothe Hoseless Wash.

2. SHAKE thoroughly and squeeze out of disc cap onto damp MF towel. (it will be thick and goopy).

3. Wipe in straight lines from top to bottom.

4. Wring out water (if present) and start process over.

TIPS: If streaking remains, use less HYDRATE PRO on towel prior to wiping or wipe with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Perform a final wipe with Spit Emergency Shine or Reflex Pro Top Coat and a clean MF towel as a last step.

AMMO Hydrate Pro Paint Moisturizer FAQ

Q: Does Hydrate Pro leave behind protection for the paint?

A: Yes it does. The "pro" formula of Hydrate leaves a protection layer derived from Reflex Pro in addition to the drying lubricant.

Q: Why is the Hydrate Pro liquid so thick?

A: It is a lubricant used between the microfiber towel and paint to minimize the friction and scratching that can occur with water-blades, dust, and left over contaminants. The formula also contains a derivation of Reflex Pro for added protection.

Q: Is Hydrate Pro safe for drying coated vehicles?

A: Absolutely. You still need to protect the paint and coating with good/safe drying techniques.

Q: Can I use Hydrate Pro to dry Matte or Vinyl Surfaces?

A: Yes, this is a great way to add protection to a matte surface.

Q: Should I only dry with Microfiber towels when using Hydrate Pro?

A: Yes, Hydrate Pro was designed for microfiber towels.

"Drying paint never felt this good"

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Don Taylor
Hydrate pro

Great product. Makes the paint look great too.

Brent Marttinen
A must for your wash routine

Hydrate pro is the way to go! One bottle will last a long time cause you really don't need much. I like to squirt 5 or 6 little drops evenly around one side of the towel, fold the towel and rub it in, then I can dry about half the car, wring it out and repeat the process with the other side of the towel. The plush blue towels with Hydrate pro make drying a breeze. It smells great too. I wonder if larry will update the formula to include reflex pro 2.

Ryan Terry
Best products on the planet.

Larry has poured his heart and soul into his products and we’re lucky to have them.

Brad ONeal
You feel the protection

This process of hydrate is new to me…back in the day a chamois was all the rage then microfiber and then mega drying microfiber (thought it was the best too) but using hydrate per Larry’s instructions you can feel the protection of the paint and yet still get it dry…mad science!!