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AMMO Two-Tier Wheel Brush

AMMO Two-Tier Wheel Brush

Round Wheel Brush

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The quintessential wheel cleaning brush.

There’s nothing so satisfying in life as rolling on a set of clean wheels. The AMMO TWO-TIER WHEEL BRUSH is here to make it a reality. Two tiers of durable Boar hair bristles allow for more precise cleaning and offer superior wicking ability to deliver Plum Wheel Cleaner or Brute Wheel Soap for better agitation. Featuring a waterproof molded handle, the two-tier brush is specially designed for cleaning rims, lug nuts, brake calipers, rotors, suspension components, and engine bays.

  • Carefully selected Black Boar hair blend offers superior wicking
  • Contoured waterproof handle
  • Cleans rims, lug nuts, calipers, rotors, suspension components, engine bays
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Made in USA
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great for wheels. Would recommend


Simply the best customer service. This was a replacement brush. Larry stands by his products!

Belshe Rivera


Superb Quality

The Goldilocks brush. Perfectly sized and built tough. I got one to apply Mud to my convertible, which has an incredible amount of rubber moldings and trim to keep the elements out. The boars hair bristles truly wick Mud quite well. They are soft enough to spread the Mud, but stiff enough that you can be very precise when applying so you can avoid the paint. My only wish would be another one 1/4 the size, so I can get Mud into every fold and seam of rubber. No question I will be buying another one for my wheels. Thanks, Larry! Great job on this one! -G