AMMO Brute Wheel Soap

Wheel Cleaning Soap

  • Soap specifically for wheels 
  • Increased cleaning power for road tar, grime, and brake dust
  • Safe to use on lower rocker panels for bugs, tar, oil. 
  • Effective for paint prep wash
  • Safe for Carbon Ceramic Brakes

  • Not all detergents (soaps) are created equal. Think of hair care. Some shampoos (detergents) are designed for dry hair (dandruff), some for oily hair, some to create softness, and some to kill lice and bugs (ugg but it’s true).

    My point is cleaning brake-dusty and road grimy-tar-y wheels, rotors, calipers, and wheel-wells need a different kind of soap.

    One more focus on cleaning that specific type of issue it encounters daily (much the same as the dozens of different hair shampoos).

    Why not cars? The top of your car's roof is likely to have a different type of contamination than say…your wheels or lower rocker panels. It’s more likely to have bird poo and tree sap versus your lower rocker panel which is more likely to have road tar, brake dust, and bugs.

    Brute has been tweaked to deal with the “dandruff” of your wheels. Leave the conditioner (AMMO Foam) for your paint.

    TIP: If you are going to compound the paint or the paint is unusually gross, then you can use Brute on the paint along with Titan 12 (12 stands for its higher pH level) to clean the abnormal tar, bugs, grime, etc…totally acceptable method in this particular situation. 

    1. Add 3 squeezes of Brute to a designated wheel bucket.
    2. Fill up bucket 3/4 with water.
    3. Rinse down the wheel and wheel-well to remove loose dirt.
    4. Use with Plum Wheel Cleaner to clean behind the rim, caliper, lug nuts, rim face, tire, then wheel-well.
    5. Rinse again before moving to the next wheel.

    Q: Is Brute safe for all wheel types?

    A: Yes

    Q: Will Brute strip a wheel coating?

    A: No, assuming the integrity and quality of the "coating" is at or above current industry standards, it will not remove AMMO Gelee Pro Wheel Coating.

    Q: Should I use Brute before or after Plum?

    A: After, in most cases.

    Q: Can Brute be used for more than wheels?

    A: Yes, Brute can be used on the paint when performing a paint correction or on extremely dirty vehicles.

    Q: Does Brute remove wax, sealants, or paint coatings?

    A: No, it will however loosen old wax that is ready to be reapplied.

    Customer Reviews

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    Gregory Horvath
    What can I say…

    Brute works. It releases the dirt and brake dust on the front of the wheels, on the back of the wheels, and rinses clean. A great product from a great company, period.

    Aaron Shrier

    Love all the Ammo products.


    Excellent product