Your car's paint is like skin. It has pores like skin. It breathes like skin. It needs to be fed like skin. - Larry


Over two million YouTube subscribers (and counting!). 73 countries. But one vision. AMMO started out from a need.

When Larry Kosilla opened up his first car wash in 2008, he felt like something was missing. Namely, car care products that didn’t beat down your car’s paint to a pulp. No, he needed something different.

That difference was protection. He worked with a team of chemists day and night (yes, he mixed the vats himself) to get the mixtures juuuust right until he had the results that met his demanding needs. Boom. AMMO was born.

And AMMO is not just endorsed by Larry, but used on his own rides and those of his extremely high-end clientele. Cars where messing up just isn’t an option.

Now, over a decade later, Larry continues to refine the products that people have come to know and love. The geek-outs are real.

Thank you for being a part of the team since 2011, or just taking the plunge into AMMO for the first time today. Welcome back, and welcome home.

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