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AMMO US Steamer

AMMO US Steamer

Professional Grade Automotive Steam Cleaner

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Professional Grade Automotive Steam Cleaner

Sometimes you just need steam to get out the toughest stains and grime. We have just the thing. The AMMO US STEAM is constructed of stainless steel and features a 1-gallon boiler with variable steam control. The machine is capable of producing steam up to 300*F at a pressure of 65psi / 4 bar for the toughest interior details. Intuitive controls on the hose handle allow the user to adjust steam pressure and switch to the hot water sprayer. The hose itself has a large working radius of 24ft for vehicles of all sizes. Accessories include a variety of brushes, extension wands, and nozzles for every cleaning scenario. The AMMO US Steam is a professional-grade tool for the discerning detailer, weekend warrior, and enthusiast seeking the best results.

  • Safe and highly effective for interior detailing
  • Cleans and kills bacteria, mold, allergens, and viruses
  • Made from only the highest quality parts
  • Simple and intuitive user controls
  • Portable low volume machine
  • Choose and adjust steam pressure for maximum effectiveness
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How do I use AMMO US Steamer

1. Fill tank with water. Remove the safety cap by pressing down and turning counter-clockwise. Pour tap water into the steamer, stopping 1" from the rim of the tank. Do Not overfill the boiler tank. Do NOT put cleaning fluids in the steamer. This will VOID the warranty.

2. Connect hose to socket cover on the front of the steamer. (you will hear a "click")

3. Plug into electrical outlet. The steam cleaner should be only appliance plugged into the outlet. Use only a 10-gauge 15AMP extension cord with maximum length of 25ft.

4. Power on the steam cleaner by pressing Power button. Do Not press Steam button until ready to use.

5. It will take 10 minutes before your steamer is ready to use. Pressure gauge will read greater than 4 and green steam ready light will turn on.

6. Press the Steam Release button when ready to use. Press the Hot Water button. Both buttons can be in the ON position during use.

7. Bleed the hose (before using) by purging excess water from the hose using low steam setting for about 10 sec. Select Cleaning Attachment.

8. Once cleaning is complete, Shut Down by turning off Power and Steam buttons.

NOTE: Read full user manual for safety, maintenance, refilling, and best cleaning practices.


Q: Does the AMMO US Steam come with a warranty?

A: Yes, 1 year warranty assuming correct use and conditions

Q: What material is the steamer?

A: Stainless steel

Q: Can you source replacement parts for this machine?

A: Yes, we will source replacement parts for customer

Q: Is the AMMO US Steam chemical free?

A: Yes, the steamer itself is chemical free and eco-friendly

Q: What is included in the AMMO US Steam Kit?

A: 1. 2x Extension Wands, Floor Brush, Large Triangle Brush, 1-Hole Nozzle, 3-Hole Nozzle, 3" Triangle Nylon Brush, 3" Round Nylon Brush, 3"Round Nylon Brush, 2x 1" Round Nylon Brush, 2x 1" Round Brass Brush, Hose

Need a workhorse for interior detailing? Look no further.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin Bielinski
Great Tool To Have Around

I've had mine for about 10 motnhs so far and have no real complaints. I've used it on engines, undercarriages, bathrooms and in the kitchen without a problem. It really did a great job on everything. Toughest job was the engine undercarriage as it was very grimy . You'll like it if you get it. My only complaint was that a few accessories were missing. I made a phone call and no call back. But once I emailed , they arrived in the mail shortly afterwards.Did you see that I mentioned " kitchen" ? Well, not only did I clean the kitchen, I devised my own steaming pot with it to cook seafood. You never know what you can do with this steamer. It's up to you to figure that part out. I'm pretty happy and my friends are really impressed. I did find a minor design flaw in it though. The AMMO word in the storage cart harpooned my hand. Watch out for those sharp points on the letter "M". Even did an unboxing revue on Youtube about it. YouTube video placeholder
carl prather
Just a few more notes.

I do recommend using distilled water. Even though the steamer can use tap water, solids in the water can cake on the heating element and periodically vinegar needs to be ran through the steamer and for the cost of vinegar, it's jsut as cheap to use distilled water. Just my two cents.

Removing roller pen and crayon stains? Yes, it does remove ink and crayon stains. It's almsot cathartic to have your little icasso's art work disappear from view! Larry has some very good videos showing how to best used the steamer.

Yes, it cleans floors and windows, aticualary in the corners like nobody's business. That keeps the spouse happy.

You might think about keeping a couple of detailing brushes for the engine compartment separate and the brushed used for the interior. This way, no stray oil makes its way inside the car.

Again, it's not cheap but this is a forever machine. It's nice to have a "Porsche" without paying "Rolls Royce" prices. Serioulsy, thresholds, brake calipers, wheels, rubber molding, crevices oare exterior lights, MBtex, leather, carpets, oil lines and fuel lines are all fair game with this tool.. Think of Snap-on as to quality.

carl prather
This is the real deal ....and the car is only but one place to use it

I bought one these back when I first learned of Ammo. I can tell you it makes cleaning cars a snap. Look at the videos for hints on how to use. Further, we used on the house cleaning tiles, floors, tubs, sinks - you name it and it worked like a champ. Using just distilled water, it cleans better than nearly any chemical and it's quick. It's also built well. It's not cheap until that will break, wear out or otherwise live a short life. You should handily get many years of use. I know it seems pricey but it has near universal abilities to clean. It's worth every penny. If you don't ile it, I'll buy yours from you!