AMMO Spit Emergency Shine

High Gloss Spray Wax

  • NEW 2022 Formula
  • No streak anti-static formula
  • Lubricating spray wax cleans light dirt & dust 
  • Maintains incredible gloss, depth, & shine
  • Leaves paint incredibly slick
  • Perfect for quick on-the-road touchups

  • ALL NEW AMMO SPIT EMERGENCY SHINE is a civilized spray wax (lubrication) for quick, safe, dimensional, on-the-fly touchups with a no-streak, anti-static formula. The new refined formula expands on usability, lubrication, and high-gloss looks for enhanced protection. Use it for the dust or light dirt that has been casually accumulating on your car. Draws stares like moths to a light bulb. DO NOT FREEZE

    1. Spray onto paint, glass, chrome, and rims.
    2. Gently clean with a microfiber towel. Rotate towel as you buff.
    3. Avoid spraying on hot surfaces.
    NOTE: Specifically designed for post wash touch ups, pre-drive UV protection, and on-the-road maintenance of Skin, Hydrate, and Reboot. Never drive without it!

    Q: Does Spit offer the same protection as a traditional wax?

    A: No. This is a lubricant designed to safely carry away light dust and dirt. It does leave behind a thin layer of protection, but not the same as hand applying traditional wax protection.

    Q: Can Spit be used for plastic trim, glass, & badges?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Does the new Spit Emergency Shine leave streaks?

    A: No. The streak free anti-static formula leaves a clean clear finish after correctly wiping off.

    Q: Can I use Spit Emergency Shine on my wheels?

    A: Absolutely.

    Q: Can I use Spit on a dirty car?

    A: Yes for touchups, if you do not have access to a proper hose and soap.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 65 reviews
    Cliff Cayer
    Track Day Clean Up Perfection

    I use AMMO Spit between run times on the track. I have tried many products with none of them providing the level of removal and continued slick protection. A quick spray into the cloth and very little pressure cleans up rubber marks and bug splatter. Highly recommended and the best I've found to date. Keeps the car looking fresh for each run group!

    Matt kehler
    Fantastic Quick Clean Product

    Fantastic lubricity. My car is outside year round, so it is perfect for the in-between car wash time. A little bit goes a long way, so you can cover a whole door panel with one to two sprays. Highly recommend

    Patrick Tsang

    AMMO Spit Emergency Shine