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AMMO Polisher Backing Plate

AMMO Polisher Backing Plate

Polisher Backing Plate

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Custom Styled AMMO Backing Plate

The AMMO Polisher Backing Plate fits our 21mm AMMO-Rupes Polisher with optimized weight, precision, and control for effective polishing. Backing plate is painted black and is compatible with the AMMO 6" Sheer Cutting Pad and 6" Wäfl Finishing Pad.

  • Custom Black AMMO Design
  • Manages heat with increased airflow
  • Direct fit for AMMO-Rupes Polisher
  • Use with 6" AMMO Pads
  • Retrofit onto Rupes LHR21 (148mm)
  • Standardized hook and loop
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How do I use AMMO Polisher Backing Plate

1. Secure backing plate to AMMO-Rupes Polisher. Do not over tighten mounting screw.

2. Place polisher with the backing plate facing upwards on a flat surface.

3. Center polishing pad on backing plate and press the pad onto the plate.

4. Prime the pad.

5. Polish in 2x2 sections using machine speed 2.5-3. Blow out the pad before moving onto the next section.

AMMO Polisher Backing Plate FAQ

Q: Can I use this backing plate on other polishers?

A: The AMMO Polisher Backing Plate is designed for use with the AMMO-Rupes Polisher 21mm. The backing plate can also be used on Rupes LHR21 machines.

"Polish with confidence knowing your tools have the same attention to detail."

Customer Reviews

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J. Broche
Rupee backing plate

Definitely makes a huge difference by keeping my polisher machine cooler . Works awesome and well designed !! Love it