AMMO REFLEX PRO ENAMEL COAT is an all new enamel coating that is non-flammable, easy to use, and lasts 1 to 2 years if maintained properly and looks unbelievably, insanely, ridiculously, shiny. (almost shockingly reflective and twice the size of the previous Reflex for 3-5 applications) Background: My goal has been to create a coating that is non-flammable and as SAFE as possible for the AMMO family so this can be used in your driveway without heat lamps, special tools or techniques. As you know, coatings are everywhere...and the focus has been on pencil hardness, marketing buzz-words, and 5-10 year "warranties". I can't/won't compete on this level. For the past 3 years, my inbox has been full of requests for a product (similar to the first version of Reflex years ago) that's durable yet, safe as possible, and easy to use. As part of this project, I have not only been focused on user safety...but on ingredients and additives that could possibly help reduce bacteria infection. Why add this to a coating? With the real world focused on ANYTHING to fight germs, bacteria, etc... why not try. Our door handles are the entry way to the vehicle. Let's try to minimize the spread there. Be the first to help me break new ground. All the things you want in a coating...without the negatives. This product formulation has been tested to ISO 22196:2011 showing levels of E coli to be reduced by up to 99.99% (Log 4) over a 24 hour period and levels of Staph Aureus to be reduced by up to 99.99% (Log 3) over a 24 hour period.

Maintain Reflex Pro in-between applications with REBOOT Spray for the best protection and life of the coating possible. 


Customer Reviews

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Joe Fazio
Worth the Effort!

This stuff is good. Makes the paint look wet. I had a little trouble applying it, I think I used too much product, but the results were really good. If you're willing to do the prep, you will be rewarded with how it comes out. Great Stuff Larry!

Edward Cairns
Fantastic results!

I have applied this to a couple of family members cars, including my sisters 2019 Jetta, my dads 2008 TT 3.2 Vert, and let me say those cars never looked better! It has also made keeping their cars clean so much easier as most the dirt comes off in the pre-rinse stage. I will be buying again for my new to me LR3!

Isaac Ballard
Ammo reflex pro

Best stuff out there!

Christopher Driggett
Ammo Reflex Pro Enamel coat helps me keep the spots away.

I have environmental spotting on my cars. Reflex Pro Enamel coat is effective in keeping these spots from digging in and they are easy wiped off. Previously I had to scrub them off. It was easy to apply and wipe away. It really deepened the shine. Family loved the look.

Josh Anderson
Well worth it

I applied this on 3 metallic cars (white Volvo XC40, blue Audi s3, black VW GTI). All cars are paint corrected and once I added a coat of this they've never looked better. Ive used many high end sealants/waxes, but this is such a step above its not even funny. Water beading is very tight and will sheet right off once I hit 30 MPH. Coating was super easy to use, just as shown in videos. Coated all three cars and still have 15% of the bottle left. Will purchase again.