AMMO FROTHe Hoseless Lift is a 20x concentrate Humectant that creates a thick shaving cream-like foam to protect the surface of your paint from scratching during a hoseless wash. FROTHe can be use on wet OR dry paint and does not require a final rinse. The concentrated formula will create 25-30 hoseless washes per 16oz. bottle. Perfect for apartment dwellers, drought or water restricted areas, on the road with no hose, and winter cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Wolfe
Totally changed my wash routine

Having a well with rock hard water made it almost impossible or pointless to wash a car at my home. The no touch car wash never got the car clean either. Finally I have a safe way to get a spotless car. This stuff is amazing! Used it several times and great scratch free results. For real heavy dirt, I still visit the car wash to blast it off and finish it with Frothe. It will be great this winter in MI as well. Ammo customer for life now! Worth every penny.

Winterize in Oregon

Ammo Frothe and Hydrate are my go to winterizing regimen. OR sprays a de-icee that gums up wherever it hits the paint. I found that repetitive applications (monthly) over the winter keeps the gummy stuff from holding on to the paint. I now do the neighbors cars. Love it.

Mark Heuerman
Works well

It doesn’t take very much to make a lot of bubbles. I used FROTHEe and Titan 12 to get my motorcycles cleaner than I’ve ever been able to get them before. I’ve been pretty impressed with Ammo products.

Larry Berwick
Great stuff

I washed my truck in the garage for the first time without any water. This is really good stuff that worked just as described.

Nick Francis
Great Product

Works really well. Would recommend with the foamer if you have a classic car with questionable seals as an alternative to washing.