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AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid

AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid

Paint Correction Polish

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Versatile Polish designed for superior paint correction.

AMMO X-FOLIATE is a polishing fluid with refined emollients and an extremely long working time that does not dry out or lose its cutting ability. Specifically designed for large stroke dual-action polishers equipped with SHEER CUTTING PAD and WÄFL FINISHING PAD. X-FOLIATE can also be applied by hand for seasonal paint cleansing or prior to applying a coating protection.

  • Versatile fine abrasive polish
  • Rejuvenates paints gloss, clarity, and reflectivity for a show-car finish
  • Effectively removes paint defects, scratches, swirls, and hazing
  • X-FOLIATE formula is designed for both cutting and finishing pads
  • Refined emollients add lubrication for consistent cut and longer working time
  • Safe to use on clear coat, single stage, hard & soft paints
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How do I use AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid

1. Prime SHEER or WÄFL pad with X-FOLIATE in concentric circles (3-4 circles is adequate).

2. Wearing clean latex gloves, massage X-FOLIATE into the pad. (Do not apply without PPE)

3. Place the primed pad on the paint before pulling the buffer trigger. Use speeds 2.5-3.5 for best pad longevity.

4. To gently cleanse the paint by hand, apply a few squirts on a microfiber applicator pad and work one panel at a time. Move in straight lines with overlapping motions.

NOTE: Paint should be clean prior to polishing for best results. Mask off sensitive areas, trim, panel gaps, badges, etc to avoid contamination, polish dust, damage.

TIP: For best results, clean each pad with compressed air or a damp microfiber towel after polishing a panel.

AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid FAQ

Q: Is AMMO X-FOLIATE a compound or a polish?

A: AMMO X-FOLIATE is a polishing fluid optimized for both cutting with the SHEER CUTTING PAD and light refinement/finishing with the WÄFL Finishing Pad.

Q: Can I use AMMO X-FOLIATE with other pads/machines?

A: Yes, X-FOLIATE is a versatile polish and can be used with different pads for varying levels of cut, abrasion, and finish. However, X-FOLIATE was designed as a polishing system with the SHEER CUTTING Pad and WÄFL FINISHING PAD for best results.

Q: What is paint burn through? How can I avoid it?

A: Burn Through is commonly associated with polishing through the clear coat exposing the base coat. This polishing error cannot be fixed by conventional methods, and requires a paint respray. The risk of burn through can be minimized by performing a paint inspection, using a paint depth gauge, performing a test pass, using a machine, pad, and polish combination appropriate for the paint. Please watch the AMMO ATA 200 series for polishing tips, instruction, and information.

Q: What sizes are available for AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid?

A: AMMO X-Foliate comes in a 8.4 FL OZ Bottle with a squeeze top.

"My mission was to simplify paint correction and inspire everyone to enjoy polishing their car."

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Easy to work with

Just used the xfoliate with the wool pad and an old torq Polisher. I am no way a professional...but the product is easy to apply, easy to remove, and did the job