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AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid

AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid

Paint Correction Polish

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Versatile Polish designed for superior paint correction.

AMMO X-FOLIATE is a polishing fluid with refined emollients and an extremely long working time that does not dry out or lose its cutting ability. Specifically designed for large stroke dual-action polishers equipped with SHEER CUTTING PAD and WÄFL FINISHING PAD. X-FOLIATE can also be applied by hand for seasonal paint cleansing or prior to applying a coating protection.

  • Versatile fine abrasive polish
  • Rejuvenates paints gloss, clarity, and reflectivity for a show-car finish
  • Effectively removes paint defects, scratches, swirls, and hazing
  • X-FOLIATE formula is designed for both cutting and finishing pads
  • Refined emollients add lubrication for consistent cut and longer working time
  • Safe to use on clear coat, single stage, hard & soft paints
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How do I use AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid

1. Prime SHEER or WÄFL pad with X-FOLIATE in concentric circles (3-4 circles is adequate).

2. Wearing clean latex gloves, massage X-FOLIATE into the pad. (Do not apply without PPE)

3. Place the primed pad on the paint before pulling the buffer trigger. Use speeds 2.5-3.5 for best pad longevity.

4. To gently cleanse the paint by hand, apply a few squirts on a microfiber applicator pad and work one panel at a time. Move in straight lines with overlapping motions.

NOTE: Paint should be clean prior to polishing for best results. Mask off sensitive areas, trim, panel gaps, badges, etc to avoid contamination, polish dust, damage.

TIP: For best results, clean each pad with compressed air or a damp microfiber towel after polishing a panel.

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AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid FAQ

Q: Is AMMO X-FOLIATE a compound or a polish?

A: AMMO X-FOLIATE is a polishing fluid optimized for both cutting with the SHEER CUTTING PAD and light refinement/finishing with the WÄFL Finishing Pad.

Q: Can I use AMMO X-FOLIATE with other pads/machines?

A: Yes, X-FOLIATE is a versatile polish and can be used with different pads for varying levels of cut, abrasion, and finish. However, X-FOLIATE was designed as a polishing system with the SHEER CUTTING Pad and WÄFL FINISHING PAD for best results.

Q: What is paint burn through? How can I avoid it?

A: Burn Through is commonly associated with polishing through the clear coat exposing the base coat. This polishing error cannot be fixed by conventional methods, and requires a paint respray. The risk of burn through can be minimized by performing a paint inspection, using a paint depth gauge, performing a test pass, using a machine, pad, and polish combination appropriate for the paint. Please watch the AMMO ATA 200 series for polishing tips, instruction, and information.

Q: What sizes are available for AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid?

A: AMMO X-Foliate comes in a 8.4 FL OZ Bottle with a squeeze top.

"My mission was to simplify paint correction and inspire everyone to enjoy polishing their car."

Customer Reviews

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Aaron S.

I do all my work by hand, and I can say this stuff works very well. Not super aggressive, so you have to press pretty hard to get results...which can result in some numb fingers, but the final result it worth it. I managed to get the worst of the swirling out fairly easily, pressing firmly and working in straight lines on a small area. The problem this helped resolve was my car had spent a couple of years under a car cover, and either because of constant taking it on/off or maybe a breeze that fluttered the cover over time. Because of that I had some faint discoloration on the rear bumper (yellow car), as well as pretty bad swirling on all the touch points (A-pillars, taillights, etc). An hour and some sweat later, almost everything is was restored to a beautiful gloss with only a few deeper scratches remaining, which I'm fine with. Great product!


My go to for paint corrections


Awesome wax finish polish great stuff from Larry as usual

Corey Reed

Everything Larry said about the product was spot on, after I did my test area I was off to the races. The final results was very memorable.