AMMO Mousse Interior Conditioner UV Protection

After you get out of the shower, you put moisturizing cream on skin (or maybe your spouse does). Same idea here. Mousse is moisturizer for your leather that softens the material and has UV protection build in. As you know, leather and vinyl can get dry and brittle over time (much like skin…especially skin with heavy sun exposure) and needs to be protected just like your paint. Apply with a microfiber applicator or towel in a “massaging” motion with a bit of pressure, as if you were giving a back or shoulder rub. Allow it to penetrate for 2 mins then buff off with another clean microfiber towel until the surface is a matte finish.

TIP: Can be used on the “pleather type” dashboards for the UV protection characteristics but you must buff it off well after penetration to avoid any unnatural sheen. Easy.   

Customer Reviews

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Tadd Willcox
Love AMMO Mousse!

I Love AMMO Mousse because it rejuvenates leather to a new feel and smell. Support Larry!

Sel A.

Easy to use product! Works as it says it does! Simple

Myles Hejmanowski
Amazing smell, lovely results

My favorite interior dressing for my personal cars and for customer cars. Leaves the interior with the most pleasant scent, gets vinyl/plastic/leather looking and feeling great, and can’t beat the UV inhibiting properties. Highly recommend. A little goes a long way with this too.

Fantastic Conditioner

Works great with Ammo Lather, leaves great clean scent. Not greasy or sticky and doesn’t stain leather. And the bottle lasts .. really lasts.

Zachery Nielson
Another Excellent Product

Has a great leather scent and works very well on all interior surfaces, leaving a like new appearance.