AMMO Mousse Interior Conditioner UV Protection

After you get out of the shower, you put moisturizing cream on skin (or maybe your spouse does). Same idea here. Mousse is moisturizer for your leather that softens the material and has UV protection build in. As you know, leather and vinyl can get dry and brittle over time (much like skin…especially skin with heavy sun exposure) and needs to be protected just like your paint. Apply with a microfiber applicator or towel in a “massaging” motion with a bit of pressure, as if you were giving a back or shoulder rub. Allow it to penetrate for 2 mins then buff off with another clean microfiber towel until the surface is a matte finish.

TIP: Can be used on the “pleather type” dashboards for the UV protection characteristics but you must buff it off well after penetration to avoid any unnatural sheen. Easy.   

Customer Reviews

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The best leather conditioner

Makes your car smell like a brand new car inside. Leaves leather seats soft, not shiny or sticky. Love this product!

Jay Kuykendall
Customers Always Request!

I have tried many different leather / vinyl / plastic conditioners in the past, and I always come back home to Larry and Ammo! I’ve had numerous customers ask for “that great smelling stuff” after using some different products. Thank you Larry for offering something that works great, smells amazing and keeps the customers coming back for more!

Mark Euchner
Best car cleaning products ever!

I have been detailing over 20+ years and Ammo is the ONLY brand I will use on my cars and the supercars I detail!

Works well

Smells great and does what is expected of the product. Also doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Very happy with product.