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Sheer Cutting Pad

Sheer Cutting Pad

Wool Cutting Pad

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Precise Wool Cutting Pad for superior correction

AMMO SHEER is a highly engineered wool cutting pad, designed for large stroke dual-action polishers. SHEER maximizes cut and finish while giving you extreme control, comfort, and confidence while polishing. The wool fibers act as delicate fingers to get deep into scratches for quick, safe, and simple corrections. Non-tapered, thick side walls allow both novice and pro to easily see the outer edges of the pad for precision work, leading to a better overall correction.

  • Durable wool finishing pad
  • Rejuvenates paint gloss, clarity, and luster
  • Removes paint defects, scratches, swirls, and hazing
  • Premium wool fibers optimized for superior cut
  • Non-Tapered pad allows precise edge control on tight body panels
  • Available in 6 inch, 5 inch, and 3 inch diameters for multiple buffers


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How do I use Sheer Cutting Pad

1. Center SHEER CUTTING PAD on the backing plate of the polisher and lay on a bench with the pad facing up.

2. Prime pad with X-FOLIATE in 3 to 4 concentric circles.

3. Massage X-FOLIATE into every fiber while wearing clean latex gloves or use a putty knife to spread so that it covers every fiber. Avoid polishing with "dry fibers" as it will not cut or finish properly.

4. Place the pad face down on the paint before pulling the variable speed trigger.

5. Gently pump the pad up and down on the paint while priming to force X-FOLIATE into the fibers of the pad.

6. Once primed, add 3 small dots and work a 2 x 2 foot section of the paint at a time.

TIP: For best results, keep machine speed between 2.5 and 3. Blow out or clean the pad with a microfiber towel frequently, then reapply a large X-shape of X-FOLIATE on the pad before moving on to the next panel.

Sheer Cutting Pad FAQ

Q: What is a Cutting Pad?

A: The SHEER CUTTING PAD is designed for removing defects, scratches, swirls, and oxidation. Paired with X-FOLIATE Polishing Fluid, this combo is perfect for defect removal on harder paint and two step corrections followed with the WÄFL finishing pad.

Q: Why does this pad utilize wool fibers?

A: Premium wool fibers act as delicate fingers to get deep into scratches for better correction. The soft wool fibers also have strong finishing ability on most paint surfaces.

Q: Why should I prime the pad?

A: Priming the pad typically softens a fresh pad followed by a blow out which removes any loose particles and pushes the polish into the foam.

Q: Why does this pad not utilize a tapered edge?

A: The non-tapered edge allows a better line of sight and degree of control for edge work. Also minimizes the risk of bumping into other panels in tight areas.

"My mission is to simplify the paint correction process and inspire everyone to enjoy polishing their car."

Customer Reviews

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Art T
Sheer Cutting Pad (tag team with X-Foliate)

For the full picture, please see my review on the WAFL pads.

I purchased both types of pads when they were first available, as I had an 86 Grand Prix I was getting show-ready for a disabled veteran friend of mine.
The paint was good, but it was original except for hood and trunk. It was quite challenging, as quite thin in some areas. Loads of love marks and swirls and checking on some top fender surfaces.
I tried the WAFL and X-Foliate to test and it did great on the light stuff, but I wanted to improve the paint more, where the thickness was suitable to do so.
I jumped to the Sheer Cutting Pads and X-Foliate and did single or double passes, as needed. Cleaning the pad was critical, but pad life was very good. It did a great job of getting deeper issues in the paint corrected.
In some cases, I used my Griot's correcting cream and the Sheer Pad, and it was ever-so-slightly more aggressive for tough areas. Either way, it was perfect to tee-up for WAFL and X-Foliate for the final passes and it really jeweled-up the paint. Even the top of the car (where the clear coat had issues), really improved the overall looks and left virtually all of the paint thickness, prior to starting. That was the impressive part.
In sum, I think both pads are needed. If you are going for a more aggressive correction, you will need too many passes with the WAFL and X-Foliate. Save yourself time and materials and use the sheer cutting pads, get yourself 90% of the way there and finish up with WAFL and X-Foliate.

Great Combo!


Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but it looks great. I’m sure it’ll be very good.

Rick Smith
Quality made.

This pad cuts and finishes very nice. Cleans out well and doesn't mat down and gum up when used correctly. It's very versatile with different paint systems. Take care of it and it'll take care of you.


Effective and controlable in cutting down heavier defects that can be followed up with the wafl pad.