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Tough Scrub Pad

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An aggressive scrub pad for a deeper clean.

The AMMO Scrub Pad is the tool you need to get out heavily embedded stains and dirt from your car’s interior. It’s reusable (just wash after every use), and long-lasting, so it might be awhile before you’re back for more. NOTE: Do not use on sensitive or brittle materials.

  • Reusable
  • Long-lasting
  • Aggressive pad for clearing out dirt from pores


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How do I use DRIVE + PROTECT Scrubber

1. Use with Lather Interior Cleanser, Shag Fabric Cleaner, Titan 12, Syphon, or Dygest on Leather, Vinyl, or Fabric. Use with Obey for exterior non-tinted glass.

2. Check the integrity of the material before cleaning. Do not use on sensitive, brittle, cracked surfaces, recently dyed leather/vinyl.

3. Use as the final step of "abrasion". Always start with least aggressive methods/cleaners first ie towels, interior brush.

4. Spray directly onto the material or the scrub pad.

5. Gently agitate the cleaner with the scrub pad using light pressure. Check pad often to make sure no dye or material is being lifted.

6. Respray cleaner as need to maintain lubrication between the surface and the pad.

7. Wipe surface clean with a fresh microfiber towel.

8. Condition the leather or vinyl after intensive cleaning.

9. Scrub pad can be washed and re-used.

"The tool for a deeper clean."

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Royer Horton
Best scrub pad ever for our company Got Detail!

This scrub pad is truly the best! We have used many scrub pads throughout our 18 years in business. But we always keep coming back to this one from Ammonyc. We have used many others that only last a few months and start to fall apart. This magical scrub pad last for over 5 years no joke. We just bought another four of them to give to our detail friends, so they can experience this cool one. Perfect for the dirty areas a detail brush or a microfiber rag and steam cleaner cant get clean. We totally give this a 5 star review hands down.
Thanks from all of us here at Got Detail

Talasia Hendry-Robinson
Get it!!!

I work at a detail shop and it has made a lot of jobs much easier! Amazing especially for grimy steering wheels!

Ali Almohannadi


Eric K

excellent products clean well thanks Larry