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Small Micropile Cleaning Tool

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The smallest wheel woolie made. 

Take a look at your car. Lots of nooks, spokes, scoops, slats and vents all around? Well, some of those spots can be incredibly hard to reach (ever wrap a towel around your finger and go to town? Ouch). So we’ve brought you the smallest Wheel Woolie ever made. It’s made of the same soft material as its big brother, but meant for super hard-to-reach spots. Your fingers will thank you, and your car will look that much cleaner.

  • Smallest Woolie® ever with same patented design
  • Perfect for cleaning interior AC vents, door handles, tight areas
  • Safely cleans exterior grills, trim, brake calipers, and wheels
  • Small & Portable for easy storage in a vehicle
  • Made in the USA exclusively for AMMO NYC
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1. Use the AMMO MINI Woolie in conjunction with soap, cleaners, spray wax, etc

2. Spray cleaner directly onto the surface or the MINI WOOLIE itself.

3. Gently agitate the surface to lift dirt & contaminants.

4. Wipe the surface clean with a clean microfiber towel and use compressed air if available.

5. After use, wash the MINI WOOLIE with warm soapy water. Allow to air dry.


Q: What size is the AMMO MINI WOOLIE?

A: Brush Head ¾” x 2” Handle 6" x .187”. Compact and perfect size for AC vents.

Q: How can I clean vents with the MINI WOOLIE?

A: Use AMMO Lather Interior Cleanser and spray directly onto the vent or the Woolie. Gently agitate the vent louvres with the Woolie to lift dust and dirt. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel or use compressed air.

Q: Does the AMMO MINI WOOLIE have metal components that could scratch surfaces?

A: No, the patented Braun construction features a micropile unit on a flexible handle free of any metal that could damage wheel surfaces.

"The smallest woolie for the smallest important details."

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim Benedict
Great Woollie for getting into tight spaces!

Super-nice quality for getting in the tighter areas. I typically use this in the interior, allows me to reach in to areas that I would have to pass on with other tools. Very soft brush, and does not leave lint like Q-tips do. I like the attention to detail, including a padded handle for a better grip. Here is a perfect example of what I use the brush for. This is a embedded seat bracket that always seems to collect dirt. The picture is after I use the brush to clean it out. Larry does not miss a beat!

Mike Greer
Great tool for ultimate detail !

Add another great ammo product for our detail business! Ammo just keeps crushing it so we can clean better and make customers happier! Thanks Larry!

Chad Preston II
Perfect for vents

I use this to get into my vents. I have used the lil throwaway detailing sticks that cost like $8 a pack and this mini woolie is way better at cleaning plus it is reusable. Save yourself money in the long-run and buy this thing.

Worth Every Penny!

Like every AMMO product it’s worth every penny, high quality and better than using a microfiber towel and throwaway detailing q-tips.