Hand-held Portable Foamer

  • Light-weight, portable, handheld foamer
  • Holds 40oz = 4-5 full washes 
  • Perfect for hoseless wash, touchups, & engines 
  • Great winter wash in garage (no hose)

    Long story short. I tested way too many foamers. This one was the best IMO because it:
    1. Held more fluid that most
    2. It sits on the ground or workbench easily (without falling over),
    3. Has more headroom than most (which is important on small hand pump machines for max pressure)
    4. Creates “better” liquid-to-foam ratio for the most lubrication during application and
    5. (least important, but nice) Just looked so much better than any other unit I’ve seen.

    It’s a pro-level tool I use daily for large customer car collections. Usually, these collections are not easily movable because they’re packed into tight garages or spaces, so I have to clean them in place without pressure washers, buckets, etc…this and Frothé were created out of that desperation/frustration.
    Can’t rinse with a hose, so how do I wash with max lubrication?… Frothé and the Aerator. Boom.
    Please note: Aerators will not be accepted for return after 30 days from the delivery date.

    Q: How do I clean the Aerator?

    A: Disassemble the unit and run water water through the sprayer. In the nozzle tip, there are yellow "pucks". These can be removed and cleaned with water and dried with compressed air or microfiber towel to unclogged the pucks from hard water and mineral build up.

    Q: Should I only use Frothe in the Aerator?

    A: Not necessarily. You can use Foam or Brute soap, but the Aerator will need to be cleaned with warm water before using it with different products.

    Q: How many cars can I wash with the Aerator?

    A: With 40oz of water and 2oz of Frothe, it is possible to clean 2-6 cars depending on the size of the car and the level of dirt.

    Q: Do I need a compressor for the Aerator?

    A: No. It is handpump only. We do have the Pro-Foamer which can be compressor fed.

    Q: How do I power the Aerator?

    A: Handpump.

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    Alexander Barredo


    Noah Williams
    Business Owner

    This is a great product just like everything else you can get from Ammo. I have my own detailing business and only us Ammo products, tools and machines for the most part. You won’t be disappointed trust me.

    Best Aerator for Hoseless Wash

    This aerator is great and outstanding when used with FROTHe! It's not the cheapest and puts a nice thick layer of FROTHe foam on the car. I finally feel like I'm safely spot cleaning bird poop off my cars. I've been using these aerators with FROTHe since 2019. Larry's products never disappoint! I did find that my original sprayer purchased in 2019 doesn't reliably spray well but it's hard a lot of use, but no worries because I buy a new one to add to my collection every year. I found using filtered or distilled water helps keep the aerators working reliably longer; the aerators purchased in 2020 and 2021 are still working flawlessly. I've had to switch to hoseless washing with the extreme California drought and can't stress how thankful I am for these aerators and FROTHe.