Long story short. I tested way too many foamers. This one was the best IMO because it, 1. Held more fluid that most 2. It sits on the ground or work bench easily (without falling over), 3. Has more headroom than most (which is important on small hand pump machines for max pressure) 4. Creates “better” liquid-to-foam ratio for the most lubrication during application and 5. (least important, but nice) Just looked so much better then any other unit I’ve seen. It’s a pro-level tool I use daily for large customer car collections. Usually these collections are not easily movable because they’re packed into tight garages or spaces, so I have to clean them in place without pressure washers, buckets, etc…this and Frothe were created out of that desperation/frustration. Can’t rinse with a hose, so how do I wash with max lubrication?…Frothe and the Aerator. Boom.

Please note: Aerators will not be accepted for return after 30 days from delivery date.

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Tonny Ho
Great after one use but micro fracture on the bottle during 2nd wash

The idea is great and aerator is good while it lasted however it only last after 1 use. The 2nd time I went to use it , I noticed the foam wasnt as thick and water was leaking on the bottom. Flipped over the bottle and noticed there was a micro fracture on the bottom that blended in with the black. I never dropped it but perhaps maybe I pumped it/ charged it too many times and now the bottle is useless.

James Dawson
Life saver for those apartment jobs!!

Great dilution rate using Frothe... really economical when you realize how many cars you can do with one bottle. My favorite ammo product (meaning this and Frothe combined)... and that’s saying something!

Nathan Gonzales


Joseph Anderson
Game Changer

I use this with Frothe to quickly and safely wash vehicles before prepping for paint correction at my hobby shop. It's very useful since I have no access to running water. Build quality is fantastic from the thumb trigger to the pressure relief valve. It threads together tight and secure and has a very stable base. I am able to get 10-15 good sprays before I need to pump it again and the unit creates a very dry highly and concentrated foam that just works wonders. Great job Larry!

Most amazing product I’ve used

Each and every time I use this it’s a transcending magical experience. I watched the videos but still didn’t think it would work THAT good. Sure enough it does. I am so incredibly satisfied with this product that I would vote it into a hall of fame if such a thing existed for car washing products.

You will not be disappointed if you invest in this. It’s easy to use, works as good as if Larry were personally washing your car for you.