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Hand-held Portable Foamer

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The safe way to wash your car without water.

Once AMMO FROTHÉ was created, we needed a way to pump it up like Arnold to get that creamy goodness. After testing dozens (hundreds?) of different variations, the AMMO AERATOR was created. It’s pretty cool – won’t fall over easily. Holds enough for for 4-5 full washes at a time. And it’s specifically designed to bring out the best in FROTHÉ, so you get max lubrication as you wipe away dirt. Looks pretty cool parked on your shelf too.

  • Light-weight, portable, handheld foamer
  • Holds 40 fl oz, enough for 4-5 full washes 
  • Perfect for hoseless wash, touchups, & engines 
  • Great winter wash in garage
  • Please note that AMMO AERATOR will not be accepted for return after 30 days from the delivery date.
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2. Add 2oz (6 capfuls) of Frothe to the sprayer reservoir, then add 40oz of warm water and shake.

3. Pump the sprayer to max pressure.

4. Evenly spray Frothe in side-to-side motions, top down, one panel at a time.

5. Wipe in straight-line motions from top to bottom with a microfiber towel.

6. Rotate the towel as it becomes dirty.

7. Switch to a clean microfiber towel and use Hydrate for the final wipe for insane depth and shine.

8. Depressurize the Aerator after use.

9. Routinely clean the foam pucks in the nozzle.


Q: How do I clean the Aerator?

A: Disassemble the unit and run water water through the sprayer. In the nozzle tip, there are yellow "pucks". These can be removed and cleaned with water and dried with compressed air or microfiber towel to unclogged the pucks from hard water and mineral build up.

Q: Should I only use Frothe in the Aerator?

A: Not necessarily. You can use Foam or Brute soap, but the Aerator will need to be cleaned with warm water before using it with different products.

Q: How many cars can I wash with the Aerator?

A: With 40oz of water and 2oz of Frothe, it is possible to clean 2-6 cars depending on the size of the car and the level of dirt.

Q: Do I need a compressor for the Aerator?

A: No. It is handpump only. We do have the Pro-Foamer which can be compressor fed.

Q: How do I power the Aerator?

A: Handpump.

"Wash your car anywhere, anytime."

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews

Does an excellent job when you can’t use water in the winter

Drew Burke
Works well, requires lots of pumping

This thing will do the job for ya, looses pressure quickly like most of these do. You'll need to be constantly pumping it. There are much better quality pumps out there at the same price point. The Marolex pump sprayers you pump them up once, and you can almost go around your entire car. The pressure lasts much longer, the build quality is better, and they come with interchangeable tips to fit your preference.

Aaron M.
Amazing Product & Quality

You will be spoiled with the attention to detail and quality in this aerator. Perfect for at home, or on the go washes. I have access to water at home but wanted the additonal lubricating properties that Larry has created to work with this system and protect the paint on my 2017 Golf Alltrack. I, like Larry, try to keep my car looking as showroom new as long as possible. I love this and does a great job covering my paint with the hoseless frothe soapy goodness. I did experience the yellow/orange foam pucks creating a less smooth stream and contacted the team at Ammo and got a set of 4 new pucks for it. Now I am more careful to take out the pucks to rinse and air dry. Perfect for mobile detailing too. Highly recommend.

Jay T
Getting better at it

The Frothe and this aerator do a great job at covering the surface with a nice layer that wipes away easily and lubricates so there's less chance of scratching. I'm not as good as Larry at spraying evenly, but I'm getting better. I do my own cars, and I'm the one they call when they need something detailed for an event. Really like using it, it works, its well made, and easy to use. It is all about the results, and this is 5 stars. I've done cars that were left out in the elements, and filthy. In 20 minutes I can clean up a small car. In 45 minutes I can do a truck.