AMMO Foam Paint Cleanser

Premium Lubricating Car Soap

  • High lubrication to minimize scratching 
  • Works on coated/protected paints
  • Safely lifts contaminants
  • Rinses off clean with no oily residue
  • Can be used in Foam Cannon
  • 15-20 washes per bottle 

  • Best smelling car soap I’ve ever created. Incredibly lubricated with plenty of suds to protect the paints surface during the wash and agitation. The goal when washing your paint is to remove the contaminants without removing your protection. AMMO Foam has an unusual degree of sensitivity to the existing layers of protection on your car. Think of it like the softest, best smelling aroma therapy for your body…but for paint. Seriously. 

    1. Add 3 squeezes of FOAM to a bucket or foam gun.
    2. Fill bucket 3/4 with water.
    3. Pre-rinse paint.
    4. Soak MF towel in soapy bucket and wipe top to bottom in straight lines. No circles.
    5. Final rinse before Foam dries on paint.

    Q: Is Foam safe for coated cars?

    A: Yes. (If any quality paint specific soap were to remove or damage a "coating", then the coating in question would not be at the current standard in today's detailing industry.)

    Q: Why does Foam smell so good?

    A: The fragrence was created to mimick the smell of womens hair shampoo.

    Q: Can I wash a vinyl wrap with Foam?

    A: Yes. Absolutely.

    Q: Will Foam leave soap residue?

    A: No.

    Q: Does Foam have any protective additives?

    A: Foam is focused on lubriction only. If a product tries to be a "jack of all trades"...he becomes a "master of none".

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Great Car Cleaner

    I have used Ammo Foam Cleaner for years with great results.

    peter boss

    Really like this foam soap. To residue and you can feel the foam and hydration properties to lift the dirt

    Brandon Chalk
    Best soap on the market

    I have tried many brands ( Adams, CG, Griots, etc) but this is my new favorite. Soaps up and works phenomenally well! I only wish you could purchase it in a bigger bottle!