AMMO Foam Paint Cleanser

Best smelling car soap I’ve ever created. Incredibly lubricated with plenty of suds to protect the paints surface during the wash and agitation. The goal when washing your paint is to remove the contaminants without removing your protection. AMMO Foam has an unusual degree of sensitivity to the existing layers of protection on your car. Think of it like the softest, best smelling aroma therapy for your body…but for paint. Seriously. 

Customer Reviews

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Frank Perez
Smells Good, Cleans Good – Excellent Product

Larry – thanks for your request for comment. As I mentioned to you over the phone, the fact that you answer the phone speaks volumes of your commitment to your customers. Likewise, this commitment is reflected in your products such as your paint cleaner. Use it to wash a freshly painted Acura Integra and it did a excellent job. My son also followed your instructions in washing vehicles as posted in your YouTube channel. Did an excellent job and we are pleased with the product. Just finished ordering some additional products from you. We will continue to use your products, not because of the quality of the product, but the quality of the person selling. Job well done.. My best to you and your family – Frank

Scott Henderson

AMMO Foam Paint Cleanser

Lucas C

Amazing soap, 10 out of 5 stars. Ammo is the definition of quality over quantity, this brand perfectly represents Larry. I’m just sad I didn’t get any ammo stickers the last 2 orders, they really tie the room together.

Jay Kuykendall
Only Shampoo I Use Anymore

Sure, you can find more economical shampoos, but the smell of this is addicting and is wax / sealant safe. I love using this on customer cars, they often ask what the soap is that smells so good!

Excellent, smells great

This is a great soap that goes a long way. The super foamy soap releases dirt and bugs well, and even smells amazing! Used with reflex, skin defense, spit, and wax for easiest cleaning. Those layers make a huge difference.