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AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner

AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner

Fast Wheel Cleaning Spray

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Safe, effective wheel cleaner.

Wheel acids are amazing at their job, but if used incorrectly, they can cause permanent damage. AMMO PLUM is different. It’s made with incredibly effective alkaline, much safer for you and your rims. AMMO PLUM encapsulates brake dust and agitates it away from the surface. We’ve removed the color-changing aspect; it was more for show than for go. But don’t worry, you’ll still see it working as it chomps down on brake dust and dirt. By the way, it smells amazing.

  • Alkaline Cleaners safe for all rims (no acid)
  • Releases embedded brake dust
  • No chemical strong smell
  • Works great on excessively dirty rims
  • Use in conjunction with AMMO BRUTE for amazing results
  • Scents of Plum
  • Made in the USA
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How do I use AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner

1. Best when used on excessively dirty rims

2. Pre-rinse wheel with water.

3. Spray liberally on rim, and let sit for 20-30 seconds.

4. Use your tools and wheel mitt to agitate the brake dust from the rim.

5. Rinse off prior to moving to the next wheel.

NOTE: DO NOT use on hot wheels or allow to dry on wheel.

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AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner FAQ

Q: Is Plum safe for all wheel types?

A: Yes, HOWEVER, it is 100% dependant on the quality of the wheel's finish. If the wheel is "aftermarket", always test the cleaner on the inner barrel, when the wheel is cool, and after pre-rinsing. Some "high-production" wheel finishes can be removed with any cleaners, regardless of strength.

Q: Will Plum stain tires or paint?

A: Plum will not stain rubber. There is an increased chance of staining, if the vehicle has single-stage paint and Plum is left to dry without rinsing.

Q: How long should Plum sit before rinsing off?

A: Assuming the wheel is cool to the touch and pre-rinsed, 30 seconds (during agitation).

Q: Is Plum safe for use with cars equipped with Carbon Ceramic Brakes?

A: Yes, but is not recommended nor necessary in most cars with CCB's.

Q: Will Plum strip a wheel coating?

A: No.

"Plum encapsulates brake dust and agitates it away from the surface."

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Kyle Eddinger
Plum crazy!

Absolutely my favorite wheel cleaner!! Highly recommend!


No issues with the product worked great!


Amazing products. I do not use any other brands anymore besides AMMO.

Art T

Keeping the AMMO theme, Plum is a critical part of the wheel arsenal. The Plum and Brute combo, is outstanding. It can take wheels, brake and calipers that are caked with brake dust and road grime and make them look like the car hasn't been driven. I have yet to use the combo on an application and not get amazing results, with comparatively little cleaning effort. Let the chemical work and do their thing. Those chemicals in combination with the correct brushes will get you the results you want. Collectively: Plum, Brute, Gelee (Pro) and Mudd with make your wheels and tires the first thing that people notice on your car. : )