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AMMO WÄFL Finishing Pad

AMMO WÄFL Finishing Pad

Waffle Design Finishing Pad

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Precise Foam Waffle Finishing Pad

AMMO WÄFL is a carefully designed finishing pad for large stroke dual-action polishers. The WÄFL pad face allows for increased airflow to maintain optimal paint temperature and conformity on curved areas of the body. Non-tapered, thick side walls allow both novice and pro to easily see the outer edges of the pad for precision work, leading to a better overall correction.

  • Durable soft foam finishing pad
  • Rejuvenates paint gloss, clarity, and luster
  • Removes light surface imperfections, swirls, and hazing from compound
  • Waffle Design increases airflow for cooler paint temp and longer working time
  • Available in 6 inch, 5 inch, and 3 inch diameters for multiple buffers
  • Perfect after using a cutting pad as a finishing step
  • Non-Tapered pad allows precise edge control on tight body panels
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How do I use AMMO WÄFL Finishing Pad

1. Center WÄFL pad on the polisher backing plate and lay on work bench with the pad facing up.

2. Prime pad with AMMO X-FOLIATE in 3 to 4 concentric circles.

3. Massage X-FOLIATE into every pore of the foam while wearing clean latex gloves. Do not massage with unprotected skin.

4. Place the pad face down on the paint before pulling the variable speed trigger for 20 seconds stationary.

5. Gently pump the pad up and down on the paint to prime the pad and force X-FOLIATE through the pores of the pad.

6. Once primed, add 3 small dots and work a 2x2 foot section of the paint at a time.

TIP: For best results, keep machine speed between 2.5 and 3. Blow out or clean the pad with a microfiber towel frequently, then reapply a large X-shape of X-FOLIATE on the pad before moving on to the next panel.

AMMO WÄFL Finishing Pad FAQ

Q: What is a Finishing Pad?

A: The WÄFL finishing pad is designed for light polishing refinement and removal of minor paint defects. Paired with X-FOLIATE Polishing Fluid, this combo is perfect for a one-step correction or after the cutting step of AMMO SHEER. Rejuvenates paint clarity, luster, and distinctness of image.

Q: What difference does the Waffle design make?

A: The Waffle design allows for better air flow to maintain a cooler paint temperature and longer working time (both pad & paint). The non-tapered edge allows a clear line of sight for precision correction on complex body panels.

Q: Why should I prime the pad?

A: Priming the pad typically softens a fresh pad followed by a blow out which removes any loose particles and pushes the polish into the foam.

"My mission is to simplify the paint correction process and inspire everyone to enjoy polishing their car."

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