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AMMO Hydrate Paint Moisturizer

AMMO Hydrate Paint Moisturizer

Premium Lubricant Drying Aid

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AMMO HYDRATE has changed the way you dry your paint and is our best-selling product.

We know you love your car – that’s why you wipe it down so much. But it turns out the drying process can cause many of the fine scratches (we call them “love marks”) on your paint that can mar its brilliant finish. Enter AMMO HYDRATE, a thick liquid that creates a barrier between your microfiber towel and the surface of your paint, leaving behind a thin layer of protection until your next washing session.

  • Thick lubricant for drying paint, glass, trim
  • Minimizes risk of scratching and swirls when drying
  • Leaves behind thin layer of protection and increased shine
  • Reduces water spotting
  • Can be used wet or dry for touch-ups
  • Scents of blueberry
  • Made in the USA


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How do I use AMMO Hydrate Paint Moisturizer

1. Use on wet or dry paint, after a Foam wash or Frothe hoseless wash.

2. SHAKE thoroughly and spray onto damp towel or directly on paint (it will be thick and goopy).

3. Wipe paint in straight lines from top to bottom.

AMMO Hydrate Paint Moisturizer FAQ

Q: Does Hydrate leave behind protection for the paint?

A: Yes it does. A thin layer of protection as you apply the drying lubricant.

Q: Why is the Hydrate liquid so thick?

A: It is a lubricant used between the microfiber towel and paint to minimize the friction and scratching that can occur with water-blades or similar.

Q: Is Hydrate safe for drying coated vehicles?

A: Absolutely. You still need to protect the paint and coating with good/safe drying techniques.

Q: Can I use Hydrate to dry Matte or Vinyl Surfaces?

A: Yes, this is a great way to add protection to a matte surface.

Q: Should I only dry with Microfiber towels when using Hydrate?

A: Yes, Hydrate was designed for microfiber towels.

"The best way to dry your car without swirling the paint."

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Paul Harland

Guys I’ve just detailed the Tacoma and used the hydrate on the paint. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Top notch products.

George McKenna

Only problem was that I left it in my garage that is not heated and product came out too thin. Left it in side after that and gave it a good shake and it worked terrific!

Lewis Shemery
Love It!

I just used Hydrate for the first time this weekend and I have to say it’s the best detailing product I’ve ever used. Goes on buttery smooth. Zero streaking and the shine it leaves behind is awesome. I have a metallic gray car and a metallic black car. That black paint was so clear you could shave in it. I will forever have Hydrate in my detailing arsenal. Now it’s time to try some Spit.


Well pleased with this product, I have something similar but I find this works better with less streaking and the smell is awesome! The color helps you see how much you’re using and you only need a little bit too 👍