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AMMO Obey Glass Cleaner

AMMO Obey Glass Cleaner

Glass + Touch Screen Cleaner

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Streak-free automotive glass cleaner. 

AMMO OBEY is a no-drip, no-streak automotive glass cleaner. It’s the first cleaner that actually obeys and won’t run or drip behind E-screens and surfaces, potentially damaging internal components. It's safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and minimizes fingerprints on most touch screens, consoles, and mirrors.

  • Glass and "no fingerprints" touch screen cleaner (effective up to 14 days)
  • Safe non-drip formula
  • Streak-free clear glass
  • Works with tinted windows
  • Evaporates quickly, leaving behind a clean surface
  • Works on computer, TV, tablet, and smart phone screens
  • Made in the USA
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How do I use AMMO Obey Glass Cleaner

1. Mist Obey 5 to 6 inches away from the surface. 2. Wipe product away with a microfiber towel (e-screen) or use a scrub pad and squeegee (on glass only) if needed. 3. Obey will evaporate quickly, leaving behind a clean streak-free surface. Can be used on center console touch controls to remove fingerprints. Works on computer, TV, tablet, and smart phone screens. Also use on glasses, glass tables, bathroom mirrors, interior and exterior windshields, sunroofs, and rear view mirrors.

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AMMO Obey Glass Cleaner FAQ

Q: Is Obey safe for tinted windows?

A: Yes

Q: What towels should I use with Obey?

A: Microfiber towels, waffle weave, and final wipe towels.

Q: How long will Obey minimize fingerprints on touch screens?

A: 10-14 days

Q: Does Obey bead/sheet water on glass?

A: Obey does not have hydrophobic characteristics. It is designed to remove oily residue and reduce finger printing.

Q: Is Obey a glass coating?

A: No, its a cleaner.

Q: Can I use Obey on other electronics like my phone?

A: Yes.

"It's the first glass cleaner that actually obeys."

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Stephen Ross
Great product

Works excellent. Use with MF towel and you'll be amazed.

Jim E.
Best Glass Cleaner I've ever used

Saves so much time, cleans glass fast and streak free on the first try. Well worth the cost.

James Dawson
Worth Every Cent

Of all the outstanding AMMO products, this is the outstandingest. Saves me SO much time holy moly. I can get glass looking perfect with other cleaners, but it takes at least 3x as long. AMMO Obey gets it looking perfect every time and I end up using less product on each window. Nice peace of mind too as my clients are finicky about glass. I think this product is noticeably ahead of Meguiars concentrate glass cleaner, Stoner, Adams, you name it. tried them all.

Hector Cuevas

Works well, no streak left behind