AMMO Lather Interior Cleanser

Lather is designed for maintenance of your interior plastic, leather, and vinyl (old school). Spray it directly on the surface, agitate it with an Interior Brush until a “lather” is created. Then, immediately scoop away the white lather with a microfiber towel. Lather is similar to AMMO Spit in that you should always have it handy for regular basic maintenance. However, if you need a stronger or “more precise” interior cleaner for urine stains, vomit, poop, milk, etc… then you will need a different product = Dygest Pet Stain Remover. If you have coffee, tea, or juice stains, then Syphon Coffee+ cleaner contains the specific pH to remove those particular stains. My point is this, Lather is the perfect balance of maintenance and cleaning power for every week use, but if you have and oil stain (sweat) then use Titan degreaser, if you have organic stains (blood, vomit, etc…) then use Dygest, Coffee stain then Syphon. 

  • Cleans & maintains your interior plastic, leather, vinyl 
  • Leaves behind a clean matte finish 
  • UV protectants shield surfaces from the sun
  • Leaves your vehicle smelling “like new” 
  • No greasy artificial shine 

Customer Reviews

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William McNaull
Neighbors BMW M5

My neighbor accidentally spilled a huge coffee drink into the passenger side floor. She knows I’m a fan of your products, and asked if I had anything in my arsenal to help her with the mishap. I went right over with the Lather, and was able to get her floor back into shape. The carpet looked brand new and the Lather was able to take care of the Caramel Macchiato smell.

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Chad Preston II
Best Interior cleaner in the world

I had a sticky patch on my steering wheel in a truck that hadn't been cleaned out in around 30 years. I tried other interior cleaners and it didn't remove the stickiness. I have no idea what it was or why it was sticky but lather got rid of it easily. I was amazed bc I couldn't remove it with any other cleaner that I used.

Best Interior cleaner I have used

I have used many other interior cleaners, and the AMMO product is the best. Using it as a quick detail is fine, or spraying it on a brush and doing some deep cleaning, it acts the best in both situations. It leaves behind a perfectly clean surface ready for a finishing product and protectant. I dislike one step interior detail products as they almost never foam up well and they always leave behind an unfavorable residue. Other cleaners leave streaks or dissipate quickly letting the dirt drop right back on the surface. Other cleaners just don't seem to pick the dirt up like AMMO does. Love the smell too.