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AMMO Lather Interior Cleanser

AMMO Lather Interior Cleanser

Leather & Upholstery Cleaner

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The all-purpose tool to clean your car’s interior.

“Ew, what is that?” We dunno either, but chances are AMMO LATHER will be able to safely remove it and restore your interior’s original luster. Use it on leather, cloth, plastic, and vinyl. Keep it handy in your trunk for the random spills and stains that occur throughout the day. AMMO LATHER is perfect for weekly cleaning, but if you have a stain that requires a more precise approach, use AMMO SYPHON or AMMO DYGEST. Together, there’s nothing they can’t clean (or at least make look better).

  • Cleans & maintains your interior leather, vinyl, and plastic
  • Leaves behind a clean matte finish
  • UV protectants shield surfaces from the sun
  • Leaves your vehicle smelling "like new"
  • No greasy artificial shine
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How do I use AMMO Lather Interior Cleanser

1. Test on inconspicious spot.

2. Spray onto surface, then gently scrub with brush or wipe with microfiber towel.

3. Do not allow Lather to dry before removing dirt.

NOTE: Leaves behind UV protectant. Can be used on carpets. For areas near electrical parts, spray onto towel to clean.

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AMMO Lather Interior Cleanser FAQ

Q: Can Lather be used on all types of leather?

A: Yes, however there is very rare leather on King Ranch trucks that would require warm water and specific soap (saddle) in some cases. Lather can be used on leather, plastics, and pleather.

Q: Does Lather clean Alcantara, Suede, or fabric surfaces?

A: It is safe to use on these surfaces, but not formulated to be as effective as AMMO Shag as these locations.

Q: Can I use Lather to clean open pore wood or metal trim?

A: No, Lather is not recommended for these materials.

Q:Is Lather safe for vegan style leather?

A: Yes, especially "Tesla" leather.

Q: Will Lather strip any protective interior coatings? (ie, leather clear coat, plastic, etc)

A: No. However, if your dye is really old or thin, then anything (including water) will remove the weaken coating.

Q:How often can I use Lather to clean my interior?

A:Weekly with a microfiber towel (especially the steering wheel) is a healthy routine.

"Clean and preserve your interior with the good stuff"

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Belshe Rivera
Best cleaner

Leaves all the surfaces super smooth and clean. Amazing cleaner

David Kirn
High end product

I use lather every day, the cars I work on are extremely filthy or just barely dusty some are normal every day cars, but mostly very rare, expensive high-end cars that require a interior cleaner that cleans well but is very gentle on on interiors. Lather will handle all of your interior needs rather it’s a filthy kid hauler or a concourse collectible.

What Witchcraft Is This?!

Lather + the Dual Density Interior Brush on a dirty steering wheel = a gross microfiber towel. My 124 Spider has a steering wheel wrapped in black leather, and though I do try to clean it periodically, I have never found that magic soap to get it spotless. It's one of those parts on your car that no matter how much you scrub, it never gets clean. Now it looks brand new, and so does my shift knob. Combined with the brush, the cleaning was nearly effortless, not to mention extremely quick and easy to do. Add in a great smell and UV protection... Really? You're killing me Larry! I am not easily impressed and I generally do not submit reviews unless the product is exceptional. Lather has blown my mind. I will never use anything else on my interiors.

J. Toole
Just as Advertised

I am very happy with the quality of Lather. It helps dig into seats and various car panels. Perfect for a deep clean or just a wipe down. I only wish there was a larger option.