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AMMO Polishing Kit

AMMO Polishing Kit


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The Definitive Set of AMMO Polishing Tools

After years of development and refinement, the complete AMMO Polishing Kit is here designed to Larry's specifications. The kit features the custom AMMO White Polisher and all the accessories you will need for a show car finish. A custom AMMO Designed Bag stores your equipment, pads, liquids, towels, and inspection tools for on-the-go service. Whether you're a novice, weekend warrior, or professional detailer, the AMMO Polishing Kit is designed for real world polishing results and repeat success.

  • Custom White AMMO-Rupes Bigfoot 21
  • Custom AMMO Design Polisher Bag
  • 1x White MF Polishing Towels
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    How do I use AMMO Polishing Kit

    1. Install polisher backing plate securely. Use 148mm compatible backing plate only.

    2. Place machine with the backing plate face up, center the buffing pad, and press onto backing plate.

    3. Check trigger is not depressed and machine speed is "O" before plugging in electrical cord.

    4. Prime the pad with AMMO X-Foliate Polishing Fluid.

    5. Work 2x2 sections using the machine at speed 2.5-3. Blow out or clean the pad with a microfiber towel frequently.

    NOTE: Mask off sensitive areas, trim, panel gaps, badges, etc to avoid polish dust, contamination, or damage.

    NOTE: Read the full user manual prior to use, wear appropriate PPE, and watch the AMMO ATA 200 Training Series for Polishing Education.

    AMMO Polishing Kit FAQ

    Q: What sizes pads should I use with the White AMMO-Rupes Polisher?

    A: With the supplied backing plate, use 6" Pads on the AMMO Polisher. AMMO Sheer Cutting Pad and Wafl Finishing Pad are available in this size.

    Q: What machine speed should I use?

    A: Recommended machine speed is 2.5-3 for best results. Adjust machine speed to the paint and correction application.

    Q: Is the AMMO Polisher battery operated?

    A: The AMMO Polisher utilizes a heavy duty 9 meter cord for ease of use and continuous power.

    Q: How do I attach the pad to the polisher?

    A: Place the polisher with the backing plate facing up on a flat surface. Center the pad on the backing plate and press into the backing plate. Pad should cover the entire diameter of the backing plate evenly. Prime the pad prior to polishing.

    Q: Does the AMMO-Rupes Polisher have a warranty?

    A: Yes. The AMMO-Rupes Polisher is supplied with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects from date of purchase. Only AMMO-Rupes original parts and accesories must be employed with this tool. AMMO-Rupes is not responsible for any damages or accidents caused by not abiding to this rule and the warranty shall terminate if non-original parts are employed. Damages caused by natural wear and tear, improper use not specified in the user guide, are not covered by this warranty. If your tool has a proven fault, please contact to arrange repair at an authorized Rupes Service Center. Warranty shall be void if tool is disassembled or tampered. Read the full user manual and warranty prior to use. Watch AMMO ATA 200 Training on Youtube for Polishing Education.

    "The complete polishing system so you can get down to business."

    Customer Reviews

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    James Makowski
    Great Buy!

    To anyone on the fence waiting to buy this product, my advice to you is, "DON"T WAIT!". This product is just that awesome.

    The design of the Bigfoot really is something special... as Larry said it looks like something almost out of Star Wars!

    The bag is really cool as well. The various Ammo spray bottles fit in there perfectly, and we all like our little Easter Eggs... the embroidered Ammo logo on the bottom of the bag is really over the top! I also love how the Ammo logos and company name are embroidered onto the bag, not some cheap silk screen or anything like that.

    Again, if you are on the fence, just do it! You can even get deferred payments via ShopPay if money is an issue. My word isn't much, but I can personally guarantee that you would be hard pressed to find a higher quality product out there. When it comes to Ammo products, there is no compromise!

    Thank you Larry for the amazing products... keep them coming!