AMMO Paint Regimen Kit

Includes: FOAM (Soap), Hydrate (Drying Aid), Skin (Paint Sealant) + SPIT (spray wax)

  • Simplifies washing, protection, & maintenance of your paint 
  • AMMO Paint Regiment adds layers of protection  
  • Foam and Hydrate are the finest soap & drying combo on market 
  • Skin is a thick, durable paint sealant 
  • Spit is a lubricated Spray Wax for on the go paint touch ups 

  • The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN was specifically created to protect your paint by adding layers, not by constantly removing them like traditional products. AMMO Foam, AMMO Spit (UV), AMMO Skin (UV), and AMMO Hydrate (wet &dry) DO NOT FREEZE

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Cliff Cayer
    Beautiful layers and INCREDIBLE Shine

    It works, easy to apply, looks great, fantastic results! Nothing better that I've used.


    I saw AMMO on YouTube. I was wondering if it is good until I bought it. To be honestly, I used many many products. There is no doubt AMMO is the best !!!

    Throw away all your other stuff and use Ammo

    Long post about the Paint Regimen and Wheel Regimen kit. HIGHLY satisfied customer!

    I'm writing a glowing review because my truck is literally glowing right now because of Ammo products. Go into your garage, throw away every soap or wash or tire gel you ever bought at the auto parts store, and invest here if you really want your paint, wheels, and other exterior parts to not just shine, but have protection. My first wash was today (using the exterior Starter Kit). Wash bucket and rinse bucket with the dirt catchers in the bottom like Larry suggested. 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Is it possible to feel a difference in soap? I think so. There was so much more lubricity than anything I've ever used before in the Foam product. The contaminants literally were carried away by Foam but right away some of the haze from leftover particles and old contaminants were gone. Hydrate just added another layer of shine and protection, was simple to apply and I really like the way it brought depth immediately. Honestly, I was dreading the Skin application because I hate waxing. BUT it's NOT wax AND if you follow the rules, apply in a straight line, don't use too much and remove with a fresh MF towel within 1-3 minutes, it comes right off and adds another layer of protection What amazing products.

    To boot, it's pollen season. When I started washing, pollen was sticking everywhere after the last product I used. By the end, after using Foam, Hydrate, and Skin, there was just a bit of pollen clinging rather than the instant layer I'd get with the other brands.

    The wheel regimen kit is simple but effective. Get yourself some wheel woolies and this stuff will melt months of road grime and brake dust away. Add Mud and you're not going to believe how it looks. Truck hasn't looked this good or shined this deep since it was new. Great work Larry and team. The R&D was worth it.