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AMMO Paint Regimen Kit

AMMO Paint Regimen Kit

Includes: FOAM (Soap), Hydrate (Drying Aid), Skin (Paint Sealant) + SPIT (spray wax)

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This is where it all started, and you know what? Still works.

The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN KIT is the best way to safely clean and protect your paint, period. Start with AMMO FOAM, the paint cleanser that safely removes dirt while not harming the layers of protection on the car. Dry with AMMO HYDRATE to leave a beautiful, rich shine. Seal the paint with AMMO SKIN, a barrier that will protect your car’s paint for up to three months, and touch up as needed with AMMO SKIN, a versatile spray wax that leaves a gourmet finish.

  • Simplifies washing, protection, & maintenance of your paint
  • AMMO Paint Regiment adds layers of protection  
  • AMMO FOAM and AMMO HYDRATE are the finest soap & drying combo
  • AMMO SKIN is a thick, durable paint sealant
  • AMMO SPIT is a lubricated Spray Wax for on the go paint touch ups
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How do I use AMMO Paint Regimen Kit

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"The best way to safely clean, protect, and maintain your paint."

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

I spent more on this product than I usually do on car washes a year. Absolutely worth it as the product is amazing and does more than description says. Everyone needs this as the amount of money we spend on our cars $2 soap won’t cut it.


This came so fast in the mail thank you for the product and it will be a big part I’m my new business.


The results are insanely good. You won't be upset with the cost of this.

Quality Product

If you're new to detailing and binged their videos like I did back when he was doing this stuff on the sidewalk this line is the best option.
Easy to understand and put into practice with all the instructions and education.
Despite the price. Its worth it.