AMMO Paint Regimen Kit

The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN was specifically created to protect your paint by adding layers, not by constantly removing them like traditional products. AMMO Foam, AMMO Spit (UV), AMMO Skin (UV), and AMMO Hydrate (wet &dry) DO NOT FREEZE

Click on the individual product page to see Product Label, Safety Data Sheet, California Cleaning Right to Know, California Prop. 65, and Links to Designated List for each product.

Customer Reviews

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Ride and Protect

huge fan of ammo and its videos...i dont own a car, but the ammo checklist and Regimen kit have worked perfectly when its time to wash my motorcycle...i spread the good ammo word to anyone passing by seeing me wash the bike...

Robert Jenkins
Premium products!

Amazing products coupled with great teaching

Jorge Orozco
Amazing Products

After watching Larry's videos, I thought to myself, " this guy really takes his job a little too seriously," but following his process really works. Drying is probably the best part of the process for me. I always used a leather chamois to dry my trucks, that has changed. Will be ordering more products soon.

Devon Goudy
Looks amazing

Although I didn’t do the foam part properly because I didn’t add enough because of me being stingy with the product, it still turned out amazing and the paint really popped after I was finished

Orrin Fleischhacker
Absolutely Awesome

First time ordering with ammo and Larry, and can say the whole experience was great...The product was and is fantastic...very easy to use and apply. Equally easy to remove...And the satisfied...Which reminds me , I need to reorder 🙄