AMMO Paint Regimen Kit

The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN was specifically created to protect your paint by adding layers, not by constantly removing them like traditional products. AMMO Foam, AMMO Spit (UV), AMMO Skin (UV), and AMMO Hydrate (wet &dry) DO NOT FREEZE

  • Simplifies washing, protection, & maintenance of your paint 
  • AMMO Paint Regiment adds layers of protection  
  • Foam and Hydrate are the finest soap & drying combo on market 
  • Skin is a thick, durable paint sealant 
  • Spit is a lubricated Spray Wax for on the go paint touch ups 

Click on the individual product page to see Product Label, Safety Data Sheet, California Cleaning Right to Know, California Prop. 65, and Links to Designated List for each product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
rod sophus
best detailers soap

I've tried many soaps from Adams, European paint soaps, to auto geek various soaps and the Ammo Nyc is better choice. Maybe its his wife who is a chemists influence. Just a lil joke but the product really performs. I tend to be a sight upset when I run short & really want to use his products. If and when you use all Ammo Nyc products your mind will be blown as if we all have little secret that we didn't tell anyone.

Robin Teague
Pro level at home

Long time fan of AMMO products. Follow the directions, watch the videos and take time to do it right and the results will shine.

Ride and Protect

huge fan of ammo and its videos...i dont own a car, but the ammo checklist and Regimen kit have worked perfectly when its time to wash my motorcycle...i spread the good ammo word to anyone passing by seeing me wash the bike...