AMMO Paint Regimen Kit

The AMMO PAINT REGIMEN was specifically created to protect your paint by adding layers, not by constantly removing them like traditional products. AMMO Foam, AMMO Spit (UV), AMMO Skin (UV), and AMMO Hydrate (wet &dry) DO NOT FREEZE

Click on the individual product page to see Product Label, Safety Data Sheet, California Cleaning Right to Know, California Prop. 65, and Links to Designated List for each product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Orrin Fleischhacker
Absolutely Awesome

First time ordering with ammo and Larry, and can say the whole experience was great...The product was and is fantastic...very easy to use and apply. Equally easy to remove...And the satisfied...Which reminds me , I need to reorder 🙄

Trevor Harper
Awesome kit

Awesome kit. The soap smells fantastic and you can feel the sickness in it protecting the finish when I wash . Hydrate is super convenient to use puting on protection when I dry . Skin also works happy with how easy everything is to use. I'm an ammo customer for life . Larry also has Fantastic customer service. Thanks Larry

Wattana Noonan
Best detailing products ever!!!

Everything that I ordered from AMMO is the top quality, feeling, and smell amazing. You definitely pay for the best quality here. No disappointment, love love love the products

Dan Francis
Wonderful Products!!

I’ve been using Larry’s AMMO products for several years now and I absolutely love them! They are easy to use, high quality, and they smell wonderful- especially FOAM. I consider the paint regiment as a required base-level protection for cleaning and protecting my cars.

Michael Rabeno
Great kit!

I have been using the Paint Regimen Kit for some time, and it works great. Unfortunately, a new law in my city (and many cities around) forbid a person from washing their vehicle in the street (and there is no other location to do so...). I hope to use the kit once again soon.