Includes Aerator, Frothé Soap, Hyrdrate Drying Spray & 12 Microfiber Towels

  • Wash your car anytime, anywhere!
  • Concentrate formula: 20-30 washes per bottle
  • Kit is lightweight and portable, perfect for a road trip
  • Saves water, time, and your car’s paint! 
  • Great for apartments, water restrictions, winter months 
  • Buy kit once, restock Frothé as needed

Nothing worse than a dirty car and no way to clean it safely. If you live in an apartment with no access to a hose, super-hot draught area, or in winter when your hose is wrapped up for the cold months and don’t want to run your car through the scratch & wash.

The Frothé kit is designed to clean your paint without water from a hose, commonly referred to as a Waterless Wash.

The thick shaving cream-like foam creates the lubrication derived from coconut oil needed to remove dirt from your paint safely.

Once Frothé is scooped-up with a microfiber towel, follow up with AMMO Hydrate as the final step to protect the clean paint.

Leave it in your trunk for on-the-go washes.

Frothé is a 20X concentrated formula and can give you 20-30 washes if used as directed. No more excuses in winter. Drive clean with or without a hose. 

The Hoseless Wash Kit includes an Aerator, a bottle of Frothé concentrate, a bottle of Hydrate drying aid, as well as a stack of orange and red microfiber towels. 

Please note: Aerators will not be accepted for
return after 30 days from delivery date.

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anthony rodriguez


Steven Somogyi

Amazing solution for condo life! I love all your products!


Ok, I been using this Hoseless Wash System now for almost one YEAR. I actually have "ONE REAL COMPLAINT" And that being that after some usage, like 8 or 10 Washes, and Cleaning the Unit after each Wash, (this "COULD BE" me Only)??? The Fan on the Foaming Tip seems to Narrow out and NOT work like it did when NEW. (Spraying a Narrow BLOB), I have found (with the Help of Larry) that "CLEANING" the WAD'S inside the Foaming mechanism (With DAWN DISH DETERGENT) and water, and Rinsing them Good resolve's this Issue????? However, In the Middle of a Wash this is Totally Inconvenient to STOP and Clean the Wad's. Soooo, I contacted FOAM IT, the Manufacture of this FOAMER, and they do NOT Sell to the basic Consumer?? I've Contacted Larry, and we are working this out. Now.... The System Itself is Awesome and work's as Described in Larry's Video's. As far as The Fan and it Getting the Foam on Cleaned area's of the Vehicle, YA, it Does that, but if you do the TOP of the Vehicle FIRST and then the Side's, (Heres the Trick I learned), Turn the Nozzle Horizontal, and just be Mindful of the TOP Section's already done and Control The FAN that way. It works for me. Ya your gonna get some small spots on the Cleaned Panel's, Just wipe them Quickly B4 they Dry, and if they do Dry, Use SPIT to Polish them AWAY! Other than that, the Only thing I have "Any Issues" with at all are the HYDRATE after the Initial Wash, I keep seeing Like Streaks, and I think It Dries up and Disappears??? If i see Streaks, I use the SPIT or The Enamel Coat to Polish them away and make the Finish "SLICK AS CAN BE"! Someone here said they have Issues with Ceramic Coating and the FROTH E System Streaking???? I can't speak to that, But I'am sure Larry has the Answer. I will continue to Use this System, (Until "CALIFORNIA") Stops Sending our WATER to Southern California???? I have a $1200.00 Kranzle Electric Pressure Washer that is Just waiting for some water to be run through it "AGAIN"!!! Aside from that. This system is BETTER THAN ANY OTHER OUT THERE as of today 08/03/2022!!!! PERIOD.......