Nothing worse than a dirty car and no way to clean it safely. If you live in an apartment with no access to a hose, super-hot draught area, or in winter when your hose is wrapped up for the cold months and don’t want to run your car through the scratch & wash. The Frothe kit is designed to clean your paint without water from a hose, commonly referred to a Waterless Wash. The thick shaving cream like foam creates the lubrication derived from coconut oil needed to remove dirt from your paint safely. Once Frothe is scooped-up with a microfiber towel, follow up with AMMO Hydrate as the final step to protect the clean paint. Leave it in your trunk for on-the-go washes. Frothe is a 20X concentrated formula and can give you 20-30 washes if used as directed. No more excuses in winter. Drive clean with or without a hose. 

The Hoseless Wash Kit includes an Aerator, a bottle of Frothe concentrate, a bottle of Hydrate, as well as a stack of red and blue microfiber towels. 

Please note: Aerators will not be accepted for
return after 30 days from delivery date.

  • Wash your car anytime, anywhere!
  • Concentrate formula: 20-30 washes per bottle
  • Kit is lightweight and portable, perfect for a road trip
  • Saves water, time, and your car’s paint! 
  • Great for apartments, water restictions, winter months 
  • Buy kit once, restock Frothe as needed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Luther Miller
Happy with the purchase.

First time purchasing AMMO products and I am VERY pleased!! I have watched Larry's videos for a while and decided to order some items. Everything works as advertised which is great!! Very easy to use and smells very nice. I plan on using AMMO products moving forward. The shine that is left behind is really pleasing to look at after cleaning my vehicle. I am very happy. Thanks Larry!!

Great for apartment living

A true hand car wash is difficult when living in an apartment. Sure you can go to a self wash, but I hate driving back home knowing I couldn't get it entirely dry, all while kicking up dust. Lazer washes only take off so much dirt. The hoseless wash kit addressed every issue. It had everything I needed. I recently ceramic coated my new Subaru and the soaps are compatible with the coating. I can wash in my garage and it's pretty much instantly clean and dry. Smells GREAT too! The pump was easy to use after you got enough pressure in it. My only issue was it left a haze on some of the windows. No big deal since I cleaned them with Obey afterwards. But it made me think, is there a haze on the paint? I couldn't see one. I mean it was super humid the day I washed so maybe that was the cause? To me the kit was worth every penny since this solves a main problem for my apt living. Plus I didn't find any "love" marks which is crazy considering I have no access to water. I'm stoked to see how this handles cleaning the road salt off this winter!

charles thompson
Hoesless Wash Kit

Love the ease and simplicity of using this kit in my garage. Living in the Nevada sometimes it is just too hot to be out washing car so having the ability to wash the not so dirties cars inside is a great benefit. I performs as advertised and even leaves my garage with a fresh smell that my wife even likes.