Nothing worse than a dirty car and no way to clean it safely. If you live in an apartment with no access to a hose, super-hot draught area, or in winter when your hose is wrapped up for the cold months and don’t want to run your car through the scratch & wash. The Frothe kit is designed to clean your paint without water from a hose, commonly referred to a Waterless Wash. The thick shaving cream like foam creates the lubrication derived from coconut oil needed to remove dirt from your paint safely. Once Frothe is scooped-up with a microfiber towel, follow up with AMMO Hydrate as the final step to protect the clean paint. Leave it in your trunk for on-the-go washes. Frothe is a 20X concentrated formula and can give you 20-30 washes if used as directed. No more excuses in winter. Drive clean with or without a hose. 

The Hoseless Wash Kit includes an Aerator, a bottle of Frothe concentrate, a bottle of Hydrate, as well as a stack of red and blue microfiber towels. 

Please note: Aerators will not be accepted for
return after 30 days from delivery date.

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Customer Reviews

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Troy Eades
Great kit!

I park on the street without easy access to water, so this has been great. Still takes me a while though, but I’m sure with practice it gets quicker. Also for whatever reason I end up going through a TON of towels, so I would definitely recommend picking up another pack with your order (though even when I am able to do a full wash, I go through a ton of towels. So this may just be a me issue). Only change I’d make is including an Ammo decal in the kit to slap on the aerator to tie the whole look together. :)

Duy Van
Great for apartment dwellers

Picked this kit up for quickly cleaning my car at my apartment. Great for those that does not have running water. Product smells great and are easy to use.

J. Robbins
Fantastic for City-Dwellers

Recently picked up the homeless wash kit. Already came in handy when the condo garage I park in decided to drill a hole in the concrete adjacent to my car.

I couldn't be happier with the results from this kit.

Jacob Brock
Great product

This has made my business better. Perfect for motorcycles. Great product

Karl Mench
Waterless wash.

Super product. Easy to use for a quick clean up.