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Original Hoseless Wash Kit Includes Aerator, Frothé Soap, Hydrate Drying Spray & 12 Microfiber Towels

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The best hoseless car wash solution

The one to get if you don’t have access to water (or maybe it’s cold super cold outside). You get everything you need to make your car look its best. The AMMO AERATOR works together with AMMO FROTHÉ to lubricate your paint as you wipe it down. AMMO HYDRATE comes in right behind to dry and protect. Two six-packs of AMMO MICROFIBER TOWELS (one blue, one orange, so you can keep track of dirty and clean ones) are the perfect tool to give your car some lovin’ without leaving love marks.

  • Wash your car anytime, anywhere!
  • Concentrate formula: 20-30 washes per bottle
  • Kit is lightweight and portable, perfect for a road trip
  • Saves water, time, and your car’s paint!
  • Great for apartments, water restrictions, winter months
  • Buy kit once, restock Frothé as needed
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    How do I use HOSELESS WASH KIT

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    "Safe effective car washing. No hose necessary."

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Dennis Rice
    Works as advertised

    Definitely does work - will continue to use this product !

    This is a great product!

    I have been following Larry's barn-find detailing videos for a while, and just recently purchased the hoseless wash kit. The entire kit is a great value, and his instruction videos are right on. I reside in the South with higher humidity levels and I think my first attempt using FROTHe maybe was not as dry of a foam as designed/intended. However, it did not change the effectiveness of the product at all. I was nervous about removing bugs but it turned out to be too easy. I followed up the wash with Hydrate, and my vehicle was sparkling like a diamond in the sunshine. I am a true believer!


    The sprayer delivers as promised -- dry foam that clings nicely to paint or wheels. The Frothé effortlessly lifted the heavy dirt from the paint (to be fair, I did pre-spray the car with water before using the foam, since it was so dirty). Hydrate brought back a shine that my Prius has not seen in a long time. My wife was skeptical when she ordered this for my gift, but the results have changed her mind. "We're never going to a car wash again..."

    Ike Walker

    I have only had a chance to use it once but it worked as promised.