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AMMO Skin Defense Seal

AMMO Skin Defense Seal

Layerable Paint Sealant Protection

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The perfect automotive paint sealer.

I’ve always thought of my car’s paint like skin. It needs to be nurtured like skin, breathe and flex like skin, and be protected from the sun just like our body’s skin. Figure out why I’ve named it AMMO SKIN yet? This viscous lotion will fill in the pores of your paint with good stuff, helping to block harmful UV rays and harsh road contaminants to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful finish. AMMO SKIN can be used every 3-6 months to help maintain your paint’s protection.

  • 3-6 month sealant protection
  • Layerable
  • Offers UV protection
  • Applies over Reflex Pro & Reflex Foundation
  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Made in the USA
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How do I use AMMO Skin Defense Seal

1. Paint must be clean, dry, and cool.

2. Apply out of direct sunlight, one panel at a time.

3. After 1-3 minutes, remove with a microfiber towel and start the next panel.

AMMO Skin Defense Seal FAQ

Q: How is Skin different from a wax or ceramic coating?

A: Skin is a traditional sealant that is layerable with other AMMO products (and most other brands). Carnauba wax is typically softer and doesn't "last" as long, whereas ceramics tend to last much longer but are more "difficult" to use. Skin is in between Wax and Ceramic with respect to longevity and ease of use. Skin is effective for 4-6 months of protection if maintained correctly. This is a non-permanent layer of protection (unlike Reflex Pro) that is very popular for longer-term DIY paint protection.

Q: How often should I apply Skin to protect my vehicle?

A: 4 to 6 months dependant on how often the vehicle is driven and how the paint is maintained in between reapplications.

Q: Can I apply Skin over an existing coating?

A: Yes, it can be reapplied over AMMO products and likely others.

Q: How do I maintain Skin once it's applied?

A: Buff off after 1-2 minutes, wash with clean MF towels and foam. Dry with Hydrate. This will ensure the longevity of the protection.

Q: Should I do more than one coating of Skin?

A: Apply and buff off SKIN, then allow 3 hours (overnight is best) then reapply a thin 2nd layer of SKIN over the existing.

Q: Is Skin layerable with Wax or other coatings?

A: Yes for AMMO products. Other products are likely to work as well, but a test spot/layer is suggested to ensure they "play nice".

"I've always thought of our car's paint like skin. It needs to be nurtured like skin."

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Mark Kobulnick
Great Protection

I wanted something that gave longer protection than a wax but wasn't ready to go ceramic. AMMO SKIN DEFENSE SEAL application was pretty easy to apply and buff. I followed up with a non-AMMO carnauba paste wax. The car is so much easier to clean now, and the gloss is great. I'm sure the carnauba has worn off and it's still easy to clean. I'm going to start an incorporate REFLEX PRO TOP COAT into my regimen for even longer protection. Like Larry says, build up those layers of protection. He's right! One day I will start over with REFLEX PRO II ENAMEL COAT but its not in my budget at this time so Im sticking with SKIN DEFENSE SEAL for now.

Cullen Casey

I used this on my car after a lengthy multi stage paint correction. I'm still in awe with how good it looks. I actually like my car now. It was a turd now it's a polished turd. Thanks Larry for making car not look so terrible!
Paint is Ford Onyx Black Metallic. Didn't know it had so much flake.

Gregory Horvath
It’s all I will use.

After trying various products on my black car I was disappointed in the shine and consistency of the paint. I compounded and polished the car first and then I went back to the method I used in the early ‘80s. SKIN is a big improvement over the Meguiers sealer I used back then, and that is saying a lot. The paint looks much deeper after 3 applications of SKIN and the car is easier to keep clean. Thanks for providing a great product and making my life easier.

Yousef Alvi
One bottle last forever!

One bottle lasts forever! Per the instructions, I use 4 times a year on both of our cars and still have more than half of the bottle left. Absolutely stunning protection as well. Our car had to sit outside at the dealer for nearly a month (waiting on service), thankfully a few weeks prior did my quarterly application. Washed it when we finally got it home and wow! Looks like I freshly waxed it!