AMMO Skin Defense Seal

I’ve always thought of my cars paint like skin. It needs to be nurtured like skin, breathe and flex like skin, and be protected from the sun just like our body’s skin. Is this an exaggeration? No, not really. In theory, the process to care for paint and your skin are striking similar. If you want to preserve what you have, you need to wash it properly (detergent ie...”soap”), dry it safely (moisturize it ie…lubrication), and then protect it from the sun with sun-block to minimize wrinkles and cracking. Hopefully you see my point. If you want your “skin” to look good when you're in your high-mile years…you need a skin paint care routine. Can and should be applied over AMMO Reflex Pro as part of your quarterly paint care. 

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Reinard

Amazing product line

colt kereliuk
Great product. Great company.

Great sealer. Easy to use, smells good.

Peter Phillips
Ammo skin

I use ammo skin every time i clean my car. I only use ammo products because they all seem to work together. Great products from a great company

Stu Siddons
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Hands down my favourite AMMO product. The ease of application and removal, combined with the gorgeous deep glossy finish and the help it gives you with your future washes, it is second to none. Excellent durability for the product category too. I don't really care for rock hard, multi-year protection options, I prefer to apply product more frequently and not have to fight a solid coating to correct the small defects that come with driving a car enthusiastically and it living outdoors in the UK. This is perfect.

Yellow magic!

A superb product which is very easy to apply and remove. It really protects your detailing job, and once sealed, every wash after is always easier. Another crucial product to add to your AMMO arsenal. I have everything except wheel products and reflex. I hope to try them soon. Cheers.

Keep up the great work Larry and gang.