AMMO Skin Defense Seal

I’ve always thought of my cars paint like skin. It needs to be nurtured like skin, breathe and flex like skin, and be protected from the sun just like our body’s skin. Is this an exaggeration? No, not really. In theory, the process to care for paint and your skin are striking similar. If you want to preserve what you have, you need to wash it properly (detergent ie...”soap”), dry it safely (moisturize it ie…lubrication), and then protect it from the sun with sun-block to minimize wrinkles and cracking. Hopefully you see my point. If you want your “skin” to look good when you're in your high-mile years…you need a skin paint care routine. Can and should be applied over AMMO Reflex Pro as part of your quarterly paint care. 

Customer Reviews

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Chris Kelley
Best Paint Sealant

AMMO Skin is the best paint sealant I have ever used. I especially love the fact that it will remove tar from road construction that I get on road trips. Drive and Protect!

Erek Y
Great Product

Feels like butter!

Carol Jacobs
Hard to take pics because of the shine!

And that’s not a bad thing! My son bought this for me and I was skeptical. Applied it to my 21 C8 - didn’t think the color could get any better, but Ammo Skin enhances every line and curve on the car - this product is amazing! The gloss is the best I have seen. Way easier to apply than most shine or wax products. Easy to apply even on a humid rainy day after washing the car in the garage, something that you can’t do with most products. I highly recommend. Well the sponge is still wet so on to car number two for today!

Mikey D

Works great, smells great! Easy to apply and remove. Awesomeness in a bottle!!

Kerry Woods
Fantastic Product

So easy to use. Apply, leave to soak in and wipe off. I now understand why Larry compares it to skincare. My car looks amazing afterwards. Smells great too.