AMMO Skin Defense Seal

Layerable Paint Sealant Protection

  • 4-6 Month Sealant protection 
  • Layerable UV paint protection 
  • Applies over Reflex Pro & Reflex Foundation Coat
  • Extremely Hydrophobic

  • I’ve always thought of my cars paint like skin. It needs to be nurtured like skin, breathe and flex like skin, and be protected from the sun just like our body’s skin.

    Is this an exaggeration? No, not really. In theory, the process to care for paint and your skin are strikingly similar. If you want to preserve what you have, you need to wash it properly (detergent ie...”soap”), dry it safely (moisturize it ie…lubrication), and then protect it from the sun with sun-block to minimize wrinkles and cracking.

    Hopefully, you see my point. If you want your “skin” to look good when you're in your high-mile years…you need a skin paint care routine.

    Skin can and should be applied over AMMO Reflex Pro as part of your quarterly paint care. 

    1. Paint must be clean, dry, and cool.
    2. Apply out of direct sunlight, one panel at a time.
    3. After 1-3 minutes, remove with a microfiber towel and start the next panel.
    NOTE: Add two layers of SKIN for increased protection and shine. SKIN should be applied four times per year.

    Q: How is Skin different from a wax or ceramic coating?

    A: Skin is a traditional sealant that is layerable with other AMMO products (and most other brands). Carnauba wax is typically softer and doesn't "last" as long, whereas ceramics tend to last much longer but are more "difficult" to use. Skin is in between Wax and Ceramic with respect to longevity and ease of use. Skin is effective for 4-6 months of protection if maintained correctly. This is a non-permanent layer of protection (unlike Reflex Pro) that is very popular for longer-term DIY paint protection.

    Q: How often should I apply Skin to protect my vehicle?

    A: 4 to 6 months dependant on how often the vehicle is driven and how the paint is maintained in between reapplications.

    Q: Can I apply Skin over an existing coating?

    A: Yes, it can be reapplied over AMMO products and likely others.

    Q: How do I maintain Skin once it's applied?

    A: Buff off after 1-2 minutes, wash with clean MF towels and foam. Dry with Hydrate. This will ensure the longevity of the protection.

    Q: Should I do more than one coating of Skin?

    A: Apply and buff off SKIN, then allow 3 hours (overnight is best) then reapply a thin 2nd layer of SKIN over the existing.

    Q: Is Skin layerable with Wax or other coatings?

    A: Yes for AMMO products. Other products are likely to work as well, but a test spot/layer is suggested to ensure they "play nice".

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews
    John Canzano
    Auto Detailer Pro

    I love the waxes that you have they’re awesome!!!!!!!

    Aaron Shrier
    Great stuff!

    Great service. Great products.

    alex neal
    Ease of use

    Skin is awesome to have on hand, I use it to quickly protect freshly polished trim and such, top up the look of headlights, ect.

    and of course it's a great sell for my clients looking for a premium wax/sealant job!