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AMMO Pivot Bottle

AMMO Pivot Bottle

Handy Spray Bottle

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Versatile Spray Bottle

Custom AMMO Pivot Bottle features a patent pending sprayer that moves on the vertical axis allowing a full fan spray at any angle. Super convenient for detailing applications when working on paint, undercarriages, wheels, engine bays, and interior surfaces. The 32oz reservoir is compact and features fill + ratio markings for precise measurement and dilution. The Pivot Bottle is compatible with any AMMO Product that uses a sprayer or perfect for soap dilutions. Enjoy the AMMO Pivot Bottle with your favorite AMMO Cleaners and Maintainers with the unique flexibility of this tool.

  • Pivot Sprayer enables full fan spray at any angle
  • High 3ml spray output
  • Compact 32 oz reservoir with chemical resistant sprayer
  • Helpful fill and ratio markings on reservoir tank for precise dilutions
  • Comfortable handle & ergonomic design minimizes weight strain
  • Child Safety Lock
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AMMO Pivot Bottle FAQ

Q: How do I clean the AMMO Pivot Bottle?

A: Unscrew the sprayer from the resevoir and run warm water through the spray trigger. The reservoir can be cleaned with warm soapy water and left to air dry.

Q: What AMMO Products can I use in the Pivot Bottle?

A: Any AMMO Product that is used with a spray trigger can be used in with the Pivot Bottle.

Q: What is the size of the Pivot Bottle Resevoir?

A: 32 oz reservoir tank with a 30 oz max fill leaves optimal head room in the reservoir .

Q: Can I dilute AMMO products in the Pivot Bottle?

A: Yes, if desired liquids can be diluted using the convenient ratio guide on the side of the AMMO Pivot Bottle.

"Cleaning happens at every angle."

Customer Reviews

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Scott corbo
Ridiculously incredible

So I ordered this sprayer by accident I did want it so it get delivered and today I’m washing the jeep and my spray bottle with my degreaser breaks so I go to use this sprayer and I thought it was a ridiculous sprayer BUT… Larry your an absolute genius this bottle is incredible you can spray from any angle and it make the job so easy. Now I need more of them. Great product!!! It’s a must have for any job that you need to spray something with!