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AMMO Tire Gel Applicator

AMMO Tire Gel Applicator

Tire Gel Applicator

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Foam Waffle Dressing Applicator

The AMMO Tire Gel Applicator is the best tool for framing your vehicle's tires, rubber, plastic trim, and engine bays. The soft waffle foam applies dressings and tire gel evenly to the surface maximizing product application. A large contoured grip handle is designed for comfort and extended use. Add the perfect contrast to your vehicle with the AMMO Tire Gel Applicator.

  • Contoured foam waffle applicator
  • Maximizes product application
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip handle
  • Perfect for Mud Tire Gel and trim dressing
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How do I use AMMO Tire Gel Applicator

1. Use the AMMO Tire Gel Applicator in conjunction with Mud Tire Gel.

2. Apply a few circles of Mud around the circumference of the applicator.

3. Apply evenly onto a clean cold tire

4. Allow dressing to dry

AMMO Tire Gel Applicator FAQ

Q: What tire gel should I use with the AMMO Tire Gel Applicator?

A: I recommend using AMMO Mud Tire Gel for a pleasing matte finish. Mud is thick, viscous, and durable for tires and dressing trim.

Q: How do I clean the AMMO Tire Gel Applicator?

A: Wash the applicator in warm soapy water (dish soap if degreasing) and allow to air dry.

"The perfect applicator for tire dressing."

Customer Reviews

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Bigger than I expected

When looking at the product online, I thought they were going to be small but when they arrived I found that they were bigger an easier to use than I thought. Very easy to use and apply to rubber.