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AMMO Wheel Reload Kit

AMMO Wheel Reload Kit

Includes: Brute Wheel Soap, Plum Wheel Cleaner, + MUD Tire Gel

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Specifically designed to keep your car's wheels fresh.

Let’s face it, your wheels get dirty. We bet they’re dirty right now – so let’s fix it. The AMMO WHEEL REGIMEN KIT contains the three elements specifically designed to clean those rims. AMMO PLUM is an amazing wheel cleaner that works on chomping down brake dust and road grime. AMMO BRUTE is a tougher wheel soap that’s meant for the extreme stuff on your rims. And AMMO MUD is the perfect no-sling semi-gloss finish for tires. When you’re all done, your rims will look delish.

  • Makes cleaning your wheels easier
  • AMMO PLUM safely removes brake dust from your rims
  • AMMO BRUTE Wheel Soap is a specific “stronger” soap for your wheels
  • AMMO MUD is a semi-gloss, no sling tire shine 
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How do I use AMMO Wheel Reload Kit

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Specifically designed to keep your car's wheels looking fresh.

Customer Reviews

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Caden A.
Great kit for wheel cleaning!

Love the wheel regimen kit! All three products are great. I especially like the Mud tire gel, leaves a nice finish on the tires as well as mud flaps and other trim pieces. No complaints about this kit:)


I own Mercedes roadsters and the newer ones collect brake dust like I have never seen before, and I was "cleaning the wheel wells" almost on every drive. Very frustrating and the cleaners were just not getting the wheel well(inside of rims) would not get very clean no matter what product we used, and the wheel cleaners out there are "shinny and would contribute to collecting more dust(past experience)...Purchased Ammo's product and what a wonderful experience, it cleaned and did the inside so well that the car looked brand new and it seems to stay that way for longer. The tires look new and are not "shinny" again great thought and execution for that new car or showroom look. I seemed more energetic when I was completed with the wheel process, that may be due to the ever so faint aroma of the mint in the product, again attention to the details...Way to Go!!

Christopher Nash

AMMO Wheel Regimen Kit


And this one is the same as the others.