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AMMO Boost Anti-Salt

AMMO Boost Anti-Salt

Anti-salt & Corrosion Car Soap Additive

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Anti-Salt Car Soap Additive

AMMO BOOST ANTI-SALT is an additive designed to increase your car soap suds and lubrication on an extremely dirty car. Washing your car in winter is different than washing in summer. Boost is a tri-blend formula added to your favorite car wash soap to increase its cleaning power. Designed to neutralize (low pH) road and ocean salt, combat hard water stains by rendering harmful minerals inert, and leave behind anti-rust corrosion inhibitors to deter future oxidation. Must be used with AMMO Foam or other car soap. DO NOT FREEZE.

  • Neutralizes corrosive road and “ocean salt”
  • Pre-wash on very dirty, winter, or coastal vehicles
  • Combats hard water stains and minerals
  • Increases suds and lubrication
  • Leaves behind anti-corrosion (rust) inhibitors
  • Used as an additive to your favorite soap
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How do I use AMMO Boost Anti-Salt

1. Add 1 or 2 squeezes of BOOST ANTI-SALT WASH to your existing car soap (FOAM) or wheel soap (BRUTE) in a bucket.

2. Fill up 3/4 with water. 

3. Wash paint and wheels in your normal routine.

Pro Tip: Use BOOST ANTI-SALT WASH undiluted if your car is parked near the ocean regularly or driven on roads that receive de-icing chemicals.

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AMMO Boost Anti-Salt FAQ

Q: Is Boost Anti-Salt Wash a car soap?

A: Boost is a car soap additive. Its designed to be used with soap to increase its lubrication, nuetralize road salt, and combat hard water. When a car is excessively dirty or ""black"", it is helpful to increase the lubrication percentage.

Q: Can you add Boost to any car soap?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Boost safe to use with protective coatings?

A: Yes.

Q: How often should you use Boost for protection?

A: As often as the vehicle conditions require.

Q: Will Boost stop rust from getting worse?

A: It will make the environment ""inhospitable"" for further growth of oxidation. In other words, if you have rust, using Boost will help slow the rate of deterioration.

"Boost is a shot of B12 to your wash bucket."

Customer Reviews

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Amazing products

Great Product!!

Boost is a must-have if you live in the Northeast; it makes removing the salt residue much easier!


Love the product

Wow..just wow, product is absolutely amazing

First off, I’ve been purchasing AMMO products for years but never tried this for some odd reason. Well, I recently purchased a lightly used ‘19 RAM 1500 Laramie, black in color. Well it wasn’t long after purchasing it that we got many snowstorms and of course the roads are treated and such. So after driving in these conditions the truck is now covered white from road salt and grime. I received the bottles I ordered, then I took an empty 1 gallon milk jug filled it up with RO water, put 2 squirts of AMMO boost anti-salt in it, shook jug then headed to local pay n’ spray. I didn’t even pre-rinse I simply used a 1 pint sprayer and sprayed down truck using up the entire mixed gallon jug. I then put $2 into washer turned to rinse only and rinsed it off. It literally removed all the build up without ever scrubbing the paint. This stuff is the real deal. I won’t ever hesitate to purchase this product again. It’s unbelievable what it can do by just 2 squirts in a gallon of water. I highly recommend purchasing this product to anyone. Worth every last penny because of how well it works. This will be my first step before washing vehicles. I’m sure results would be even better when using the microfiber towel method to wash vehicle. Thank you Larry for developing this fantastic product!!