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AMMO Mud Tire Gel

AMMO Mud Tire Gel

Semi-gloss Tire Shine

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The perfect tire semi-gloss shine

In the old days (you know, the early 2000s), you might have seen your local car wash slap some slick goo onto your sidewalls with a paint brush. This resulted in a shine that required sunglasses to properly view. There’s a much more civilized way with AMMO MUD. This no-sling formula provides a semi-gloss finish to your tire’s sidewall, giving the look of freshly-cleaned rubber without distracting from the amazing ride it rolls for. Smells like cherries because once it's on, your wheels will look delicious.

  • Thick, black, gel, semi-gloss tire shine
  • Restores factory shine on black plastic trim & moldings
  • Greatly reduces tire sling
  • AMMO MUD Gel dries super quick
  • Scents of Cherry
  • Long-lasting hydration for your sidewalls
  • Made in the USA
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How do I use AMMO Mud Tire Gel

1. Be sure the tire is clean and dry.

2. Squirt Mud onto applicator and massage into the rubber.

3. Allow 5 minutes for drying or lightly pat dry with terry towel before driving.

NOTE: Add more layers for increased shine. Mud can also be used on black plastic and exterior rubber trim.

AMMO Mud Tire Gel FAQ

Q: Should Mud be applied on wet or dry tires?

A: Always dry.

Q: What applicator do I need for Mud?

A: Foam, terry, or microfiber.

Q: How long does Mud take to dry?

A: Drying time is dependant on how much is applied and temperature outside, typically 10-15 mins.

Q: Can I use Mud on my vehicle's black plastic trim?

A: Yes. Be sure to buff dry after application and do not get wet until dry.

Q: Will Mud stain my rims or paint?

A: No. Its water based.

Q: What does "no sling" mean?

A: Tire sling is the "splashing" or "splattering" of tire dressing on the lower panels of the vehicle, thrown off by the rotation of the wheel at speed. To avoid sling, buff off access product, allow to dry for 15 mintues, don't over apply MUD, and remove any "blogs" that may be caught in the treads of the tire.

"The perfect contrast to your freshly cleaned rims"

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Tim Evers

Love all the ammo products.

Mark Kobulnick
Great Wheel Protection

This product in nice and thick which translates to great protection. The tires look dynamite after a wash and application of MUD TIRE GEL. So much longer lasting than those sprays out there. Love this stuff!


Low sheen and very easy to apply


Love best tire dressing I have ever used