AMMO Mud Tire Gel

Of all the products I’ve ever worked on, MUD was my nemesis. Here’s the story. I’m not a huge fan or super-slick-dripping-wet tires. It’s not me. It’s too much. However, I do like them to have a semi-gloss finish. Tastefully clean with a hint of shine. Sounds great, but it wasn’t easy. Years ago most tire shine was made with solvents, which (some) were not good for you. Like really really bad (ie… VOC’s, carcinogenetic, flammable), but they would evaporate super fast and leave behind a super slick shine with NO SLING. Back then, you might see car wash techs applying it with a paintbrush at the end of the conveyor line as the car came out of the tunnel. That’s the stuff. Then it was banned, then switched to LOBS (low odor-based solvents) but still super shiny. Fast forward a few years later, tire shine used water or water-based products instead of harsh solvents as their bases. Not as easy. The water and silicon emulsions needed to play nice with each other. Super frustrating until I figured out how to make it into a GEL, Hence, AMMO MUD TIRE GEL.

Fun fact: I once knocked over a half-full drum of my many failures of Mud onto the floor with an ill-placed forklift. All over the floor. It was silicone and water. I step in it to pick up the drum, fell, hit my head, and knocked myself out. My mother, yes my mom, happened to be visiting the blending facility that day and found me passed out in a pool of light blue-goo all around me. True story. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
John Morrison
Durable and easy to use

Quality ingredients produce superior results. Each application lasts a little longer as well.

Justin Long
Lives up to the hype

This is a serious tire gel. I’ve used a LOT of them, and several of the ones from major companies. Love the way that Larry made this and how well it works. Definitely go a bit heavier on the application though, tires tend to soak up if you’re too conservative. Other than, probably my favorite that I’ve used.

Kyle Duquette

Love it. The shine is perfect. Smell is great. Application easy.

Andrew Barry

This is singlehandedly the best tire shine product I've ever used. It lasts the longest and is very easy to apply. I'll never buy another tire gel as long as this is available

Juan Mendieta

Product leaves a great luster on the tires. I have slowly changed over all my products to ammo. Simply incredible.