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AMMO Dygest Pet Stain Remover

AMMO Dygest Pet Stain Remover

Pet Stain Remover

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 Pet stain cleaner for your car's interior.

When the poop hits the fanbelt (or carpet, floor, trunk…you get it), it’s time to bust out AMMO DYGEST. The reason for the name is because it contains a mixture of enzymes and bacteria designed to eliminate (read: literally chomp down on) organic matter, gross things and the smells associated with pet waste. Cleans fecal matter, vomit, urine, and milk spills, and kills the smell along with it. You’re welcome, Fido.

  • Cleans fecal matter, vomit, & urine
  • Eliminates foul odors at the source!
  • Uses enzymes to digests organic waste
  • Can be used in Shampoo or extractor machine
  • Scents of bubblegum
  • Made in the USA
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How do I use AMMO Dygest Pet Stain Remover

1. Test on an inconspicuous area.

2. Remove any heavy matter in a throw-away towel.

3. Apply directly to stain and allow to digest for 60 seconds.

4. Blot with a clean, dry towel, working from outside toward the center.

5. Repeat application and keep moist for 30 minutes before blotting dry again.

6. Repeat if necessary.

TIP: Bacteria in Dygest works best in warmer temperatures and can't be combined with strong bases or acids, as these types of products will kill the bacteria. Can be used in shampoo or extractor machines.

AMMO Dygest Pet Stain Remover FAQ

Q: What interior surfaces is Dygest safe for?

A: Hard and soft leather of fabrics.

Q: Will Dygest help remove pet hair and dander?

A: No, you will need a rubber brush and vacuum.

Q: Does Dygest leave any residue?

A: No.

Q: How long should Dygest sit before scrubbing?

A: 20-30 seconds.

Q: Should I perform a test spot with Dygest?

A: Yes.

"Tail wagging passengers can enjoy the ride too"

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Works like a charm!

Belshe Rivera


Micah Biffle

Really helps break down the stains and create a fresh smell. I actually use this more often on stains than I thought I would.


EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT from AMMO is TOP TIER A1 ! nothing can compare to how great it smells, looks , packaging, performs & delivers its great results as promised 💯