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White MF Polishing Towels

White MF Polishing Towels

4 Pack Microfiber Polishing Towels

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The Best Microfiber Towel for Buffing and Waxing your car.

The White MF Polishing Towels features a 300+gsm fiber in a unique weave that is incredibly efficient for buffing off polish, wax, and other paint products. I came across these towels years ago when I was mobile detailing, and was amazed with their performance. With the release of the AMMO Polishing Line, I sought out the highest quality version of this towel for a superlative polishing system. The White MF Polishing Towel does not conceal what you're buffing off. Extremely helpful for paint correction on single stage and clear coat, paint prep/decon, and buffing/leveling wax, coatings, or sealants.

  • Perfect buffing towel for polish, compound, or wax
  • Tight 300+ GSM microfiber
  • 4 Towels Per Pack
  • Streak-Free Finish
  • Excellent final wipe towel for "leveling" coatings during application
  • Long life with proper laundry care


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How do I use White MF Polishing Towels

1. Fold in four.

2. Gently buff paint in straight line motions.

3. Flip towel to clean side as it becomes soiled.

4. Towels are reusable. Soak in warm soapy water and machine wash on delicate. Do not over dry.

"Buff away the polish and dive into the depth of your paint."

Customer Reviews

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I love it really, awesome towels really premium I would get more


Amazing company


Always great quality from Larry

Rick Smith
Quality made.

Worth the money. These towels are well made and soft yet strong enough to get the job done. Polish removal is a breeze and gives you a perfect finish. The pile on these are just right.