AMMO Interior Regimen Kit

Clean and Protect your interior with Lather, Shag + Mousse.


  • Cleans and rejuvenates your vehicle’s interior; expect compliments! 
  • Shag keeps your carpets & upholstery smelling fresh
  • Lather cleans and maintains your plastic, leather, vinyl. 
  • Mousse hydrates and protects your leather!
  • Retains your original interior finish, No artificial shine/residue

  • The ALL NEW AMMO Interior Regimen is formulated to be gentle on the interior surfaces of your car, while strong enough to clean heavy dirt and grime. Be sure to use our specialty interior brushes and techniques to create unbelievable results. DO NOT FREEZE

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Hamid Hanifi
    You won’t been able to live without these

    Amazing as always, it’s hard to use any other product after using Larry’s line of products. You know little tiny spots that you see inside your car, on the carpet and floor, here and there (that you normally ignore because they are not too big of deal, they are gonna happen anyways, why bother cleaning them)? The first time you use these on them, after that any tiny spot you notice, you can’t help but attacking them ASAP after you realize how easy it is to get rid of them and how good it feels to have a clean interior.

    William Dotson
    AMMO Mousse

    The Mousse is without a doubt the best interior product I have found. It does a great job bringing back the interior without the shiny or greasy feel most products tend to leave behind.

    Tim Z
    The Starter Kit

    The AMMO Interior Regimen Kit is a great introduction and starter kit for anyone new. The interior is where you spend most of your time, might as well be a clean space to enjoy!

    After a mechanical servicing, I received my car with a dressed interior that was never requested or instructed. I had to get this slippery glossy grease off and fast. I ordered the Interior Regimen Kit, along with Obey Glass Cleaner (there was dressing overspray on the windshield!) Syphon, orange microfiber cloths and of course, the Interior Detail Brush and received everything at the end of the same week. I started with Lather and the brush, worked half of the passenger side dashboard, wiped away, instant results had me smiling hard, I was so pleased how it cut through the dressing.

    I did a thorough clean inside, top to bottom, applied the Mousse, touched up the glass a final time, vacuum, perfection. My interior was dressing-free, thoroughly clean and smelling like new!