AMMO Interior Regimen Kit

Clean and Protect your interior with Lather, Shag + Mousse.


  • Cleans and rejuvenates your vehicle’s interior; expect compliments! 
  • Shag keeps your carpets & upholstery smelling fresh
  • Lather cleans and maintains your plastic, leather, vinyl. 
  • Mousse hydrates and protects your leather!
  • Retains your original interior finish, No artificial shine/residue

  • The ALL NEW AMMO Interior Regimen is formulated to be gentle on the interior surfaces of your car, while strong enough to clean heavy dirt and grime. Be sure to use our specialty interior brushes and techniques to create unbelievable results. DO NOT FREEZE

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    My Subaru hasn't looked this good in awhile

    I must admit my 2011 Subaru Outback is part car and park pick up. It has CLOTH interior. Even worse? Tan in color. Saving grace is the carpet is black. My seats were gross. Coffee. Grandchildren. Dog. Coffee. Potting soil. Tools. Coffee. (Hey, I cannot always get my Yeti coffee cup either closed or seated into the cup holder!) I took some before and after pictures for my own enjoyment. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy cleaning my car's interior! Before it was truly a chore...because it was never really clean. Can't wait for the weather to moderate so I can tackle the exterior. My husband doesn't know who I am because HE was always the interior detail guy. Great product and especially like the Mousse. Always disliked the 'armor' brand. Too slick. Too greasy. Mousse smells great. Thanks for the You Tube videos, as well. (Husband is working on a Subaru SVX that rats decided to move in...that will be a challenge!)

    Aaron Rollins
    Love the interior kit

    Every product I have tried has been great so I ended up also buying the exterior kit

    Mark Cadwell
    Interior Products

    I haven't had much of a chance to use the AMMO Interior Regime but my initial results are very satisfying. I am especially impressed with the interior cleaner, especially when used with the interior brush. It really seems to get down into the "pores" of the surfaces (if that makes sense) more than any other cleaner I have used. I am looking forward to using the products when the weather in Ohio improves in the spring.