AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner

Wheel cleaners have been around forever (it feels like). Hydrofluoric acids to color changing sodium thioglycolates. What makes one better than the other is hard to say without knowing the exact issue, material, and age of each wheel. Wheel acids are amazing at their job, but if used incorrectly can permanently damage your wheels. Much the same as a scalpel in the hands of a seasoned surgeon can be equivalent to artistry, but in the hands of a novice can be quite bloody. What does all this have to do with Plum? I’ve removed the heavy acids for safety and ease of use and replaced it with alkaline cleaners. I removed the color changing aspect because as I’ve come to learn more…it was more for show then for go. However, Plum is still purple because it’s called plum. Purple. Plum. Get it? It also smells amazing. Aside from the history lesson, Plum is designed for the driver in his driveway after a drive. It’s incredibly effective alkaline, much safer to you and your rims by encapsulating the brake dust and agitating it away from the surface, unlike acids that eat the brake dust metal but sometimes your metal wheels too. If Plum and Brute can’t get your wheels clean with a bit of elbow grease, find a professional with experience using strong acids, neutralizers and who has all the proper safety equipment and tools to capture acids.

NOTES: What does acid do. It eats metal. Brake dust is iron oxide = metal. Bird poo is also acid but it eats your paint. Acids work great on uncoated wheels, but over 90% of rims are painted. So you are not dealing with bare metal..its paint. Surfactant which encapsulates the brake dust to pop it out of the paint to rinse it away safely without further damage to the clear coat. If you have an acid and left it on there it will continue to eat without neutralizing. Surfactant = separate vs Acid = eating. Creates a bubble. 

  • Alkaline Cleaners safe for all rims (no acid)
  • Releases embedded brake dust
  • No chemical strong smell 
  • Works great on excessively dirty rims 


    Customer Reviews

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    Adrian Madden
    Wheel Cleaner Review

    I’ve tested Plum Wheel Cleaner against the following products: chemical guys, gyeon, Sonax, car pro… in terms of lifting capability after sitting a few minutes, Plum has the advantage. It may be a small advantage but an advantage none the less… Smells good, bottle looks the business and it just works.! 👍

    michael sutton
    The best wheel cleaner

    I have tried several wheel cleaners over the years, the Ammo Wheel cleaner is far the best that I have used. I would not go back to anything else.

    NICK S.
    Love it

    i switched to plum 5 years ago and don't even think about using anything else. It has very good dissolving properties even on wheels that have been neglected. Just need to offer it in gallon quantities :).