AMMO Dygest Pet Stain Remover

The reason everyone has band aides in their house is because when you need one you really need one. Dygest is sort of the same thing. Hope to never use it, but when poop hits the fan, or the floor, or carpet, or trunk…you need a warrior to fight it. The reason I named it Dygest is because it’s a mixture of enzymes and bacteria designed to eliminate (ie…digest) organic matter and the smells associated with pet waste. Cleans fecal matter, vomit, urine, and milk spills with it's bacteria action that digests the organic waste attached to the carpet fibers and the smell along with it. Like American Express, never leave home have a pet without it. 

  • Cleans fecal matter, vomit, & urine 
  • Eliminates foul odors at the source! 
  • Uses enzymes to digests organic waste
  • Can be used in Shampoo or extractor machine 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bought on a whim..

I bought this on a whim when it was first announced in an email. I had a few pet stains in light colored carpeting that I thought I would try this on. It worked great!! The two stains are now gone (husband is extremely happy). I then tried it on two stains that I didn’t know what they were and not so great cleaning, but I will keep at it as I am hopeful that Dygest Pet Stain Remover will clean it. Thank you for this great new product!!

Christopher Galluzzo
Stains No More

Although not used in my vehicles or customer vehicles, yet, I used this on a few 3-4 week old carpet stains inside the house that soap and water could not touch. The stains lifted right out with ease on the first attempt. Worth every penny!

Garrett Vasquez
DYGEST for the win!

I was frantically looking for a pet waste cleaner as my dogs accidentally marked furniture in the house. One spritz of this took care of it within a minute, literally! Absolutely destroys the big box store products, which only mask the odor. Love it, Larry!