AMMO Lather Interior Cleanser

Lather is designed for maintenance of your interior plastic, leather, and vinyl (old school). Spray it directly on the surface, agitate it with an Interior Brush until a “lather” is created. Then, immediately scoop away the white lather with a microfiber towel. Lather is similar to AMMO Spit in that you should always have it handy for regular basic maintenance. However, if you need a stronger or “more precise” interior cleaner for urine stains, vomit, poop, milk, etc… then you will need a different product = Dygest Pet Stain Remover. If you have coffee, tea, or juice stains, then Syphon Coffee+ cleaner contains the specific pH to remove those particular stains. My point is this, Lather is the perfect balance of maintenance and cleaning power for every week use, but if you have and oil stain (sweat) then use Titan degreaser, if you have organic stains (blood, vomit, etc…) then use Dygest, Coffee stain then Syphon. 

Customer Reviews

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Only interior cleaner I will use

Been using this and only this for years on my leather and vinyl surfaces. Safely removes dirt and oils with little to no agitation.

Brad Miller

Simply, awesome product. Best available anywhere!

Great cleaner

I love this product and the leather conditioner. The combo is the best. Also, watching Ammo’s youtube videos on how to clean and condition leather properly is very helpful. As shown in one of the videos, I use a steamer, this cleaner and a soft bristle brush, and finish with Ammo’s leather conditioner. Results are great on my light tan leather seats and my car smells like brand new!

Lance Riegle
It just works!

Cleans leather and vinyl flawlessly and it actually feels clean when your done. It’s so good I bought my friend a bottle just because. My only suggestion is if it could be made to not blast off as quickly to allow more working time that could be a plus especially when working on a hot day.

Jay Harrington
Best cleaner ever used

On my second bottle of AMMO Lather, love it. Best cleaner I have ever used. So easy, non-greasy, cleaner. Really like I can use it for dash and leather. Great product, glad I found AMMO.