Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray

· Sprayable ceramic topper
· Boosts the life of your existing protection by 2-3 months
· Unbelievable gloss, reflections, & shine
· Great water beading characteristics
· 4-5 mists are all you need on a clean car (little goes a long way)
· Smells great
· For paint with or without coating

AMMO REFLEX PRO TOP COAT is a sprayable ceramic topper designed to add 2-3 months of clear coat protection. This can be applied to WET or DRY surfaces. Used to maintain a previously coated car, or to quickly protect an uncoated car. TOP COAT will increase depth and shine, and provide absolutely overwhelming reflection. No exaggeration.

1. Spray directly onto paint, wheels, trim and glass after a healthy car wash while the paint is still wet.
2. After light application, gently re-rinse the paint to spread the product with a hose or pressure washer.
3. Immediately dry with HYDRATE and a damp MF towel. Notes: Only use on a clean car. IF necessary, use FOAM, SPIT, or FROTHe to remove heavy contaminants safely (with lubrication) prior to maintaining the paint with TOP COAT, as it does not offer lubrication.
Pro Tip: You can reapply or touch up the paint once dry with TOP COAT during final inspection or any time as long as the surface is not heavily soiled. The more layers you add over time, the more reflection you'll see. Works best if layered over REFLEX PRO ENAMEL COATING.

Q: Is Reflex Pro Top Coat a ceramic coating spray?

A: Yes. It is a derivative of AMMO Reflex Pro Enamel Coat.

Q: Should Reflex Pro Top Coat be applied wet or dry?

A: Both are fine as long as vehicle is clean.

Q: Can I use Reflex Pro Top Coat without a coating on my car?

A: Absolutely. This will add a thin layer of protection. Having Reflex Pro as the base layer, then using Top Coat for maintenance is ideal.

Q: How often should I use Reflex Pro Top Coat to maintain a coating?

A: Every wash or every other wash. I prefer to use it quickly after each wash as my final coat. It takes less than 4 minutes to apply and gentle wipe in.

Q: Will Reflex Pro Top Coat restore my old ceramic coating?

A: It will help extend the life of the current coating, but no it will not "restore" the old coating. You would need to reapply a coating to restore an old coating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
J Lo

Spray on wet and your done! Never used this type of waxing before, but WOW it is incredible. My truck got tree sap on it shortly after and I thought it was a waste, but it cleaned up very easily and shines again

Does wonders for my paint

First time using the reflex pro top coat. My car is uncoated so I put this on dry and the results are still fantastic. That shine really pops just like Larry said.

paul kirchner

So easy to apply. I love the idea of multiple layers of protection.
Thank you so much!!