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AMMO Squeegee

AMMO Squeegee

Professional Window Cleaning Tool

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The pro’s window-cleaning tool. 

Still cleaning your glass with a newspaper? Let us introduce a better way. The AMMO GLASS SQUEEGEE is a game changing tool for window cleaning. The tapered blade safely clears contaminants, debris, and residue when used with OBEY Glass Cleaner. It’s a cheat code for cleaning your glass without the need to burn through your entire bag of towels. Give a final wipe with an AMMO GLASS POLISHING TOWEL and you’ll see things you never saw before.

  • Safely cleans windows (tint safe) with no streaks
  • Tapered Blade for easy access to window edges
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip handle
  • Compact tool used by professional tint installers
  • Embossed AMMO blade and colors
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How do I use AMMO Squeegee

1. Use the AMMO Squeegee in conjunction with glass cleaner and microfiber towels.

2. Spray glass cleaner directly onto window covering the surface.

3. Apply gentle pressure to the AMMO Squeegee and draw the blade across the glass.

4. Wipe the blade clean after each pass.

5. Buff any remaining residue with a microfiber towel.

AMMO Squeegee FAQ

Q: Is the AMMO Squeegee safe for tinted windows?

A: Yes, use the AMMO Squeegee with a tint safe window cleaner. Professional installers use squeegees prior to tint installation and for cleaning afterwards.

Q: What glass cleaner should I use with the AMMO Squeegee?

A: I recommend using AMMO Obey Glass & E-Screen Cleaner as it's tint safe, no-drip formula that will evaporate for a streak free finish.

Q: How do I clean the AMMO Squeegee?

A: Wash the Squeegee in warm soapy water (dish soap if degreasing) and dry with a towel

Q: Can I use the AMMO Squeegee on interior screens?

A: No, the AMMO Squeegee should be used for cleaning car windows and not interior touch screens and electronics.

Q: Can I use the AMMO Squeegee if the window has defroster lines ( interior rear glass)? The AMMO Squeegee can be used in the direction of defroster lines (horizontally) but at the user's risk.

"The pro's window-cleaning tool."

Customer Reviews

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Juan Varleta
Works like a charm

With a conventional small squeegee, doing the inside of the rear window on my BRZ had been a contortionist's nightmare. It was a job I hated to the point where I'd often put it off. This tool however, makes all the difference and gets it done fast. It's now easy to get all the edges of the glass where it butts up against the trim, and it conforms easily to the glass contours. A good squeegee has a good blade edge and this one is the best I've found. This product is well-made, ergonomic and definitely worth the price. AMMO microfiber glass towels are a great finish too.

Very nice tool!

I was hesitant to buy initially as I have a generic squeegee that Larry used in an older video. It was okay to use. I just cleaned my car with his new Obey cleaner and this Ammo squeegee and I have to say, it works really well. Right amount of flex and stiffness to glide across the glass, but moves the window solution away and leaves behind streak free glass!


I've owned this product for a couple of months now and it's amazing. Another tool that makes cleaning windows a lot easier and much quicker. The build quality is great and if you own a MINI it cleans the windshield perfectly.