Ferrari Monza SP2 Full Detail and Clear Bra

The “Racecar for the road” saying has perhaps fallen into cliché territory, but a 800hp V12 carbon bodied Ferrari with no windshield earns the qualification full stop. The Ferrari Monza SP2 takes inspiration from the open top Barchetta’s that established Ferrari’s dominance on track during the gentlemen racing era (late 1940’s -1960s). History lesson aside, we’ve got a beautifully specced green over tan Monza sitting in the AMMO Studio ready for a detail.
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Ferrari Monza SP2 in AMMO Studio

First step was to inspect the paint and overall condition of the vehicle in general. Lots of dust, smudges, and typical swirls or imperfections in the paint and doorjambs. Its condition was far from a disaster detail, but the Monza is extremely rare on top of being an open cockpit two-seater so great care was taken not to spray water into the interior. With that in mind, we cut up a plastic sheet and placed it across the cock pit to minimize the risk.

SP2 paint defects

I started with a quick clean of the gorgeous yet simple five spoke wheels. Next up, we used AMMO Frothe in my wall mounted foamer to safely cleanse the paint as we still wanted to minimize using water around the semi-protected interior. As we gently removed the Frothe foam with clean Microfiber towels, the condition of the paint became more apparent with some visible RIDS (random isolated deep scratches).

Cleaning Ferrari SP2 wheels with Brute wheel soap

A strategic paint correction was certainly needed to bring out the best of the unique dark green metallic paint. First, we used a Rupes yellow wool pad and yellow polish with the 21mm polisher to go after the deep scratches. After the first pass, the minor scratches were removed but not the RIDS. It required a few more targeted passes with the wool pad and they eventually came out. On such a special Ferrari that gets driven, the goal was to preserve as much paint (clearcoat) as possible while balancing our goal for a perfect finish.

Paint correction test spot with Rupes DA

Once we finished the larger panels, we switched to the Rupes 3 inch Polisher and 1 inch Nano for the mirrors and other tight spots. There were some textbook examples of sanding marks left from the factory, and with the wool pad equipped Nano, they came right out. We even completed by hand the crazy design line encircling the entire carbon tub with a microfiber towel and yellow polish. The interior was still in great shape but the huge carbon fiber center tunnel and bucket seats needed some love so we hit those with the same 3 inch and 1 inch polishing combo.

Ferrari Front bumper polished with Rupes Nano

With the paint correction complete, we started the Clear Bra process to prevent rock chips on the front spoiler and lower rocker panels. We then coated the paint and interior trims with Reflex Pro Coating which buffs off easily with a microfiber towel. The deep green paint looked stunning and the metallic flake “popped” underneath the AMMO Studio’s hexagrid lights. We applied Gelee Pro to the five spoke wheels for additional protection and easier cleaning in the future.

 AMMO Reflex Pro and Reboot ceramic spray

The Monza SP2 looked phenomenal at this point but we added some finishing touches befitting of such a special Ferrari. The large Ferrari key was coated in Reflex Pro due to it’s anti-microbial characteristics. The carbon fiber steering wheel and interior trim was also dressed with Reflex leaving behind a clean protected finish. As the AMMO family knows, I love the 3D effect of polished clean carbon fiber. Big wow factor especially on this beautifully crafted interior.

Reflex Pro on Ferrari Monza and key

One of my favorite parts of finishing up a detail is coating the wheels with AMMO Mud Tire Gel. The way the wheels popped against the sleek body of the Monza really accentuated its clean design. With the wheels dressed, I fixed the now polished Ferrari badge back onto the trunk and called it day.

Ferrari Monza SP2 Interior and badge

As we waited for our favorite enclosed carrier from Brandl’s Towing, I admired the “Barchetta” inspired Monza SP2. The detail had taken the better course of three days but seeing the Monza sleek and clean in all of its glory was very rewarding. I’m super excited for the owner to see the gleaming paint from the F1 style cockpit to the tune of that incredible Ferrari V12.

Racecar for the road... I think so!

Thanks again for supporting AMMO and stay tuned for another exciting detail next week!

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