You’ve heard me say it a million times; your paint is just like skin. It needs to breath to be healthy. I’ve engineered REFLEX to be different. First, it’s so easy to apply, no heat lamps or hours of buffing are needed. Second, it provides a new layer of protection, and goes under SKIN as the base AMMO layer. Finally, the shine. I can’t get over this guys; it really has to be seen to be believed. So pick a beautiful day, grab some towels and wash buckets, and follow the directions below. No other DIY will make your car look as good.


01 | Prepare your car by giving it a good wash. Use dish soap to strip away all previous layers of waxes and sealants you may have used.

02 | Dry your car using ONLY a wet mircofiber towel and/or compressed air, no HYDRATE. REFLEX needs a bare surface to correctly cure to your paint.

03 | If possible, pull your car into a shaded or indoor area. REFLEX should only be applied out of direct sunlight, and only on paint that is cool to the touch.

04 | Time for REFLEX. Unscrew the cap, and put it on top of your windshield wiper so you’ll remember where you left it. Using a foam applicator pad, prime the pad with 6-7 drops of REFLEX. The stopper plug is designed to prevent accidental spillage should you knock the bottle over. To release REFLEX onto the pad, just rub the bottle over the pad, or dab, for the amount you need.

05 | Run the pad in straight overlapping lines, doing one section at a time, until the entire car is coated. You’ll notice that REFLEX goes on as smooth as butter, so once the pad starts to get grippy, add 1-3 more drops. Each panel of your car will take about 3 drops of REFLEX, so it will go a long way.

06 | REFLEX should take about 15-25 minutes to apply to an average sized car, which is the perfect cure time. Once the entire car is coated, you can start to buff it away with a clean microfiber towel. You’ll know REFLEX is ready to be removed when it has absorbed into the paint and turned clear.

07 | REFLEX can also be applied to trim, chrome, and rims.Be aware of where you are on the car, and use different foam pads for items like exhaust tips and wheels, as you do not want to introduce contaminates and brake dust into your paint.

08 | If you so choose, you can apply a second coat of REFLEX after the first coat has cured for 2 hours. Never introduce water or spray waxes during the curing process. Allow to cure overnight before applying any products on top.

09 | Once your layers of REFLEX are complete, you can protect it with a layer of SKIN. Follow SKIN directions as you normally would.

10 | Once SKIN is on and cured, add CRÉME Paste right before the show for paint that will make your garage walls glow.

11 | REFLEX should be applied at least twice a year for maximum shine and protection.

AMMO SKINApply Skin over Reflex for added protection. Reapply every 3 months for maximum

AMMO SPITSpit can help loosen hardened Skin and Créme deposits. The essential detailing tool for your

AMMO CRÉMEMeant to enhance color, apply Créme before any event where your car should look its


What is the difference between REFLEX and SKIN?Meant to work hand-in-hand, think of REFLEX as the primer. It’ll enhance your paint’s depth while adding a basic coat of protection. SKIN focuses more on protection and less on shine; it’s meant to take the brunt of abuse during your drive. When added together, they form a powerful and beautiful shield for your paint.
Is there an ideal temperature for applying REFLEX? Anywhere from 50-75 degrees will allow REFLEX to cure best. Application in below freezing temperatures should be avoided. Never apply in direct sunlight.
Will this take all day? How many cars will one bottle do?No! REFLEX is meant to go on easily. Everyone’s wash routine is different, but you can apply reflex in 15-25 minutes. It’s as easy a DIY as there is. Each bottle is good for 6-7 cars.
Do I need to clay my car for REFLEX? Only if it needs it. If your car has been protected with SKIN and HYDRATE, then you should only need to strip away those layers before applying REFLEX.
Where does CRÉME fit in? CRÉME Paste is the final touch before going anywhere that requires your car look its best. REFLEX, SKIN, and CRÉME applied together will have your car looking consistently amazing.

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