Porsche 992 GT3 New Car Detail

GT3… The naturally aspirated halo car from Porsche is in the AMMO Studio for a detail and full clear bra installation. This new 992 iteration features a 4.0L Boxer Six making 502hp with a bonkers 9000rpm redline. With engine upgrades and suspension components shared with the Porsche GT3 Cup Car, it's no surprise the customer wants to prepare his GT3 for track duty at Watkins Glen. A new car detail is always exciting and I find it interesting to see the condition of the vehicle as delivered from factory. The previous 991.2 generation had some interesting paint defects so lets see if Porsche continues to push the legendary GT3 forward.

Brand new Porsche 992 GT3 at the AMMO NYC Studio

The GT3 was dropped off by the friendly owner and looked stunning in Guards Red (I really liked this spec). Once underneath the AMMO Studio lights, I noticed the paint had some minor overspray and swirls. The main cause for concern was these ghost-like marks on both rear fenders. Initially, the marks appeared to be underneath the clear coat which would’ve been a major headache (more on that later). The paint measured at roughly 3.5mil on the door jambs which was slightly less than the 4mil of the previous generation. However, the overall finish had less swirls, sanding marks, dust nibs, and pig tails than the 991.2 so the paint correction would be more surgical in its nature. 

Paint correction on 992 GT3 new car detail

I started with a power wash to cleanse the GT3 of it's 2 hour trip to the AMMO Studio. Next, I cleaned the lightweight 20/21 inch rims with Brute Wheel Soap and a Microfiber Towel to get behind the thin spokes. With the Porsche on the lift, I noticed some crazy aero canards behind the wheels so had to exercise caution not to damage them in the process. After the wheels, I soaked the paint with Foam Paint Cleanser in the foam gun and agitated the suds with a microfiber towel. I dried with compressed air and chased around leaves that had collected in the front grille. Proof the aero isn’t just for show… just remember to bring a leaf blower when you clean your GT3.

AMMO NYC paint correction detail on 992 GT3

With the GT3 clean, I began the paint correction process on the roof as there were a lot of minor scratches and swirls from dealership wipe-downs.  Although the paint was on the soft side, I switched to a microfiber finishing pad to increase the cut by a half step which removed the deeper scratches. The ghost marks I noticed earlier came right out after the 2 step polish and I deduced they were caused by the new car transport film. I focused on the isolated defects around the car so the paint would be blemish free before the PPF installation. To give my back a break, I polished underneath the doorhandles by hand with a Microfiber towel. 

Larry from AMMO details new 992 GT3

Once the paint looked absolutely perfect, we installed clear bra to the full nose for the best track ready protection. The next day once the clear bra was dry, I applied Reflex Pro to the beautiful Guard’s Red paint for added depth and shine. I coated the door sills with Reflex for additional protection as this often neglected area is prone to corrosion. With Reflex Pro curing, I lifted the car again to apply Gelee Pro to the wheels. The protective properties of Gelee Pro will make future cleaning easier for the owner as the steel rotors will produce a lot of brake dust on track. Finally, I cleaned the windows with Obey Glass Cleaner, Scrub Pad, squeegee, and multiple Microfiber Towels. Because the car is new, the glass was very tricky to clean due to the glue residue, stickers, and new interior materials heating in the sun. 

Ceramic Coating new 992 GT3 paint and wheels 

I quickly vacuumed the sporty alcantara interior and followed up with Obey on the interior screen which would minimize fingerprints for up to 14 days. The last touch was to apply Mud Tire Gel and the black sidewalls contrasted the red paintwork nicely. The GT3 looked incredible after the detail and I really appreciated the new aggressive design with the swan neck rear wing. Compared to the previous generation, the paint quality from factory was a big improvement and needed far less correction. 

2022 Porsche 992 GT3 at AMMO NYC Studio

The owner was incredibly cool and before pickup let me take the GT3 on the road for a spin. Wow… this Porsche definitely deserves the hype. It’s no wonder why Porsche fans and car enthusiasts alike LOVE the GT3. The handling, engine, gearbox, sound, and aggressive looks really make this car the complete package. So with the taste of the GT3’s awesome capabilities, we returned to the studio for pickup. The owner was so pleased and excited about the car, he asked me to sign the carbon fiber hood. What a memorable experience and the GT3 definitely earned a future spot in AMMO fleet. One day soon hopefully! Big thanks to the friendly owner and all of you for supporting AMMO NYC. Stay tuned for more awesome detailing stories. 

Larry autographs carbon hood of 992 GT3 after detail

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