First Wash in 1 Year Porsche Macan GTS Used Car Detail

Ahh, the daily driver. Never babied like a “special” car might be, the daily is the car that gets the most abuse. In my case, I found a used 2017 Porsche Macan that I was able to scoop up for $7,000 under KBB private seller price.

The Macan was in pretty rough shape, and hadn’t been washed in a year, so I took it upon myself to give my new daily some Larry love.

Step 1: The wheels

After a ten hour drive home from Michigan, I brought the Macan into the AMMO garage and lifted the car up to remove the wheels.

They were in pretty bad shape, with baked on brake dust and dirt. Closer inspection of the wheels revealed a tire bubble, so I ordered a new set of ultra-high performance tires from Vredestein (rated up to 186 mph!).

The red calipers also had a thick layer of brake dust on them, so I used AMMO PLUM and AMMO BRUTE with a bristle brush to remove everything, then cleaned with a power washer. If there’s a tight spot you can’t reach, grab a tooth brush for easier access.

Step 2: The exterior

Looking at the Macan, it was pretty clear the pervious owner had kept the car outside for most of its life, as there was some mold on the inside of the fuel door. It needed a good soak with AMMO FOAM, and while it sat, I removed leaves and debris from around the hood.

Wiping the car with some microfiber towels and a power washer (paying special attention to the fuel door area, which has clogged), I noticed a piece of plastic hanging from the exhaust.

With the car already up, I decided to give the under carriage a good cleaning using the new PIVOT Spray bottle and AMMO TITAN Degreaser. Cleaning the undercarriage was important so that it would be easier to spot future leaks during my ownership. After cleaning the greasy areas, I sprayed the entire underbelly with AMMO BRUTE and FOAM, then cleaned with a bristle brush and a power washer.

Lowering the car back down, it was time to re-FOAM the car and get a clay bar ready. The Macan desperately needed a claying because of how much it had sat outside, and FOAM helps lubricate the bar as I move it along the painted surface.

Step 3: The interior

Despite its newer age, this Macan had some mold in the trunk, and the entire interior was covered in a layer of dust and grime, as the previous owner had worked in the landscaping business.

To start, I removed the filthy floor mats and used an air hose to clear out as much dust from the cracks and creases as I could. Using AMMO LATHER, I then scrubbed the seats, doors, and interior dash in my usual fashion. If you notice a shiny section on your leather seats (compared to a matte section that looks new), you can use a scrub pad to help lift the body oils off and quickly wipe away with a Microfiber towel.

To remove the moldy area in the trunk carpet, I used AMMO SHAG and a still bristle brush, then vacuumed the gunk away, anticipating that I’d shampoo the carpet later on.

Step 4: Polishing and protecting the paint

The severely neglected paint was next up. Luckily, this Macan was silver, which is a more forgiving color than something darker.

As I went abut polishing, I turned off most of the lights in the garage (it was night), and left just one big spotlight on the car as I worked. This has a way of more effectively showing the blemishes and swirls that you need to work on as you polish.

Next up, I filled in the small rock chips with a needle to ensure there are no unprotected areas that might oxidize down the road. To fill a long, deep vertical scratch on the rear hatch, I opened it and stood on a ladder, so the hatch was horizontal and the paint wouldn’t drip down.

Next, I decided to polish the heavily scuffed wheels with a 3-inch pad (yes, even the inside barrels), and then coated the entire car with REFLEX PRO. REFLEX PRO can go over everything, including headlights, black plastic trim, and door jambs, so use it after a fresh polish for future protection.

On the inside, the leather seats got a rub down with AMMO MOUSSE to moisturize and protect against UV rays.

Step 5: Finishing touches

After reinstalling the wheels and pulling it outside, the Macan looked great. But it sat too high for my taste.

I ordered 10 and 15mm wheel spacers and an Active Suspension Control module from Flat 6 Motorsports. Installation was a breeze, simply removing a rear plastic cover in the trunk to install this new control module and wiring harness. This allows me to raise or lower the car via an app on my phone, and can drop the Macan up to an inch and 3/4 in show mode.

The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to get a used car that needs a good detail, as it can save you thousands on the purchase, and can be a fun way to bond over your new ride.

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