Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

  • Strong, Flexible, Paint & Trim Coating 
  • Makes future cleaning easier 
  • Up to 2 years ceramic protection
  • Incredible water beading properties
  • Proven anti-bacterial ingredients
  • Perfect for the fleet! Multiple coats per bottle

  • AMMO REFLEX PRO ENAMEL COAT is an all new enamel coating that is non-flammable, easy to use, and lasts 1 to 2 years if maintained properly and looks unbelievably, insanely, ridiculously, shiny. (almost shockingly reflective and twice the size of the previous Reflex for 3-5 applications)

    Background: My goal has been to create a coating that is non-flammable and as SAFE as possible for the AMMO family so this can be used in your driveway without heat lamps, special tools or techniques.

    As you know, coatings are everywhere...and the focus has been on pencil hardness, marketing buzz-words, and 5-10 year "warranties". I can't/won't compete on this level. For the past 3 years, my inbox has been full of requests for a product (similar to the first version of Reflex years ago) that's durable yet, safe as possible, and easy to use.

    As part of this project, I have not only been focused on user safety...but on ingredients and additives that could possibly help reduce bacterial infection. Why add this to a coating? With the real-world focused on ANYTHING to fight germs, bacteria, etc... why not try.

    Our door handles are the entryway to the vehicle. Let's try to minimize the spread there. Be the first to help me break new ground. All the things you want in a coating...without the negatives.

    This product formulation has been tested to ISO 22196:2011 showing levels of E coli to be reduced by up to 99.99% (Log 4) over a 24-hour period and levels of Staph Aureus to be reduced by up to 99.99% (Log 3) over a 24 hour period.

    Maintain Reflex Pro in-between applications with Reflex Pro Top Coat spray for the best protection and life of the coating possible. 


  • Product Label
  • California Cleaning Right To Know
  • California Proposition 65
  • Product SDS
  • Links to Designated Lists
  • Certificate of Analysis 
  • 1. Wear latex gloves, eye protection, mask, and work in a well-ventilated area.
    2. Prior to first coat application, wash and clay the paint if needed.
    3. If needed, use isopropyl alcohol mixed 50-50 with water or an automotive grade wax and silicone remover to decontaminate surface.
    4. Prime microfiber applicator and apply in overlapping motions in 2x2 sections.
    5. Allow 2-3 minutes dwell time until cured (wait for the rainbow to appear).
    6. Lightly remove excess with a microfiber towel.
    NOTE: Best if applied on cool surfaces, out of direct wind, and no water/rain for 6 hours after application. Dependent on conditions and thickness of application, may take a week to fully set.

    Q: Is Reflex Pro a Ceramic Coating?

    A: Yes. Coatings vary drastically, but this has a very high percentage (once cured) of SiO2 with carbon residues. This product contains polsilazines, solvents, and additives which are thermo-setting resins at room temperture. (ie do not require a UV light)

    Q: How do I maintain Reflex Pro?

    A: Maintenance is exactly the same as a none coated car, however, abrasives will remove the coating. In other words, perform a healthy wash (when needed) with AMMO Foam or favorite car soap, dry with Hydrate, and use Reflex Pro Top Coat as often as you feel is required. The more layers of protetection (Skin, Reflex Pro Top Coat, Creme, etc...) the more protected the "base layer" of Reflex Pro will be.

    Q: How long does Reflex Pro take to cure?

    A: Depends on humidity and ambient temps, but 30 secs to 2 minutes is the average flash time before buffing off. One layer is advised for application and minimum curing time of 6 hours in a dry environment. Reflex Pro may take up to a week to fully set and will perform optimally after 1st wash.

    Q: How do I prep the paint before applying Reflex Pro?

    A: Wash the paint, remove the contaminants with clay (if necessary), compound and polishing (if necessary) is always the best option as the Reflex will have extra depth and shine over "leveled" paint. Light ISO wipes (spray on towel first) can be helpful if paint was recently waxed. You can layer Reflex Pro over "old" layers of Reflex Pro without removing the old layer.

    Q: Can I use other paint care products (wax, sealant, spray wax) after Reflex Pro is applied?

    A: Yes. However, the top layer (most upper surface) will give the paint its water characteristics. Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic. I prefer to layer AMMO SKIN over it every few months as its "jacket" or sacrificial layer. I also use Reflex Pro Top Coat after every wash.

    Q: Is Reflex Pro safe on matte paint or vinyl wraps?

    A: Yes. It will bring more depth or "richness" to the color but it will not be "shiny" afterwards. I highly recommend it on matte paint or vinyl as it is really the only type of protection for those areas without causing a deep shine (therefore defeating the matte finish).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews
    Luis Carbajal
    Ammo reflex pro

    I absolutely love it.

    Jeffrey Reyes
    AMMO PRO for the win

    Have used ammo pro on 3 cars now and all the results are the same. Car color comes out great on light or dark colored cars. Cars always look clean. Love it

    Lisa Kaye

    After cleaning my new car and removing all contaminants, I applied the first coat of Reflex Pro and let it sit overnight. Then applied a second coat. After the first coat, the car looked so beautiful. I didn't need to add a second coat, I just wanted another layer of protection. The paint finish looks wet. Unbelieveable gloss and shine. That wet look is unbeatable. This process was so easy and simple to apply. It literally dries in seconds to a rainbow hue and removing with a microfiber towel was ridiculously easy. Now cleaning my car is so quick and easy. I will follow up with Reboot in 3-4 months if necessary. Amazing product. Love, love, love it. Thanks to Larry for developing a product all DIY users can apply.