AMMO REFLEX PRO ENAMEL COAT is an all new enamel coating that is non-flammable, easy to use, and lasts 1 to 2 years if maintained properly and looks unbelievably, insanely, ridiculously, shiny. (almost shockingly reflective and twice the size of the previous Reflex for 3-5 applications) Background: My goal has been to create a coating that is non-flammable and as SAFE as possible for the AMMO family so this can be used in your driveway without heat lamps, special tools or techniques. As you know, coatings are everywhere...and the focus has been on pencil hardness, marketing buzz-words, and 5-10 year "warranties". I can't/won't compete on this level. For the past 3 years, my inbox has been full of requests for a product (similar to the first version of Reflex years ago) that's durable yet, safe as possible, and easy to use. As part of this project, I have not only been focused on user safety...but on ingredients and additives that could possibly help reduce bacteria infection. Why add this to a coating? With the real world focused on ANYTHING to fight germs, bacteria, etc... why not try. Our door handles are the entry way to the vehicle. Let's try to minimize the spread there. Be the first to help me break new ground. All the things you want in a coating...without the negatives. This product formulation has been tested to ISO 22196:2011 showing levels of E coli to be reduced by up to 99.99% (Log 4) over a 24 hour period and levels of Staph Aureus to be reduced by up to 99.99% (Log 3) over a 24 hour period.


Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Solís
I want some more time with it please.

I am all in!! However, I did have an with a high spot that I wasn't able to resolve. The owner won't notice, but my work wasn't perfect. I need to get better with it. Timing, humidity, the rainbow appearance prior to wiping, allowing enough surface time before wiping.... I need more experience with it. I bought another bottle,,,, I am ready to go!!

Albert Rosas
2017 Pearl Green Buick Lacrosse

Applied Reflex Pro, Results Were Great, Buick is going 2 Florida, it's my Sons Car, I Ordered Reboot 4 him to Apply in the Future, LOOKS FANTASTIC!

Ken S
Fantastic Product!

So glad the new formula is out! It’s easy to apply and the results are stunning.

Worth every penny

Larry’s videos brought me into detailing and I started with my car .. it’s my first detailing experience..

Ammo reflex pro is very easy to apply and leaves the car very very shiny and reflective

The car is also much easier to wash

Now my friends want me to detail and apply it to their cars ..

Joshua C.

Never in my life have I contemplated whether or not the car I was currently looking, at had the capability of sucking me into a void. Never in my years of detailing at an at home/ semi professional level, have I ever seen paint that not only looked as if it were still wet out of the paint booth, but was so shiny in fact, that it was difficult to understand what I was looking at! Reflex Pro truly does outperform every other ceramic coating (not to mention any names) that I've tested, in every respect. Its glossy as can be, water repellent beyond belief, yet durable to where months later after a wash, it's still retained its properties as if it were applied yesterday.
Way to go Larry!