AMMO Skin Defense Seal

I’ve always thought of my cars paint like skin. It needs to be nurtured like skin, breathe and flex like skin, and be protected from the sun just like our body’s skin. Is this an exaggeration? No, not really. In theory, the process to care for paint and your skin are striking similar. If you want to preserve what you have, you need to wash it properly (detergent ie...”soap”), dry it safely (moisturize it ie…lubrication), and then protect it from the sun with sun-block to minimize wrinkles and cracking. Hopefully you see my point. If you want your “skin” to look good when you're in your high-mile years…you need a skin paint care routine. Can and should be applied over AMMO Reflex Pro as part of your quarterly paint care. 

  • 4-6 Month Sealant protection 
  • Layerable UV paint protection 
  • Applies over Reflex Pro & Reflex Foundation Coat
  • Extremely Hydrophobic

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Richard DiMarzo
ammo skin is awesome

I have been using Ammo product for at least 10 years. I have used it on my Corvette. Which I sold and it looked great I use it on my 2001 F250 which still looks great. I use these products on all my cars and have turned several of my friends on to it who now swear by these products. Cannot say enough it is the only car care products I use on my cars.

Chuck Hover

I use this on Show winning cars whose owners do not want ceramic on the vehicles. Excellent durability, highly recommended.

Alex K.
Great product!

Ammo’s products are simply the best. You get what you pay for and Larry delivers!