Get Started with the essentials. FOAM (SOAP) | HYDRATE DRYING AID | LATHER INTERIOR CLEANER | 6 Microfiber Towels


  • Just the essentials for a cleaner car 
  • Foam generates incredible washing suds 
  • Hydrate lubricates the paint drying process
  • Lather cleans leather, plastic, and vinyl
  • Pack of 6 plush Blue Microfiber Towels
  • Unsure where to start? Start here. 

  • Heard good things, but not sure what to try? Have a friend who is as intense about car care as Larry is?

    This is a good place to get your feet  car wet.

    Foam, Hydrate, and Lather and microfiber towels are the most used cleaners for any detailing session…maintenance to full details, you’re using these for sure.

    Even if your life doesn’t revolve around how clean your car is at any given moment, Foam and Hydrate are designed to safely wash and dry your paint while adding protection until the next washing.

    Hydrate is our #1 selling product worldwide. Lather is for interior cleaning touch ups on your steering wheel, buttons, door handles, seats, shifters and so on.

    Statistically your steering wheel has more germs than your toilet seat. Gross? Yes. But true. Wash your hands with soap. Wash your steering wheel with Lather. 

    Click on the individual product page to see Product Label, Safety Data Sheet, California Cleaning Right to Know, California Prop. 65, and Links to Designated List for each product.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    You always get what you pay for

    As with my detailing business and likely any other business; people will shop based solely on price alone. Yet wonder why they get horrible products and horrible service. So, don't let ammo's pricing fool you. First you get a lot of product in these bottles and a little goes a long way. Next, if you spend a few hundred dollars now, isn't that worth the thousands you save in repaint later? Not to mention the resale value of your vehicle will be much higher if you buy and utilize the ammo line. Bottom line; there's a reason these products aren't at Walmart in the clearance aisle along with chemical guys!

    Tom Matowitz
    Very Effective Product

    I am working on a 1967 Sunbeam Alpine. The car was subject to an amateurish repaint after an accident in 1991. Needless to say, the paint isn’t in great shape.
    Using the starter kit took care of that. The consensus is that the car hasn’t been this shiny since it was built.
    Very pleased so far !

    Great stuff!!!!!!!

    Great place to get started.. This plus the reflex pro.